Obsidian Wants to Send Physical Copies to Backers... Without a Disc

Obsidian are pondering whether to send out physical copies to their Kickstarter backers, though with one minor omission: the actual disc.

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Volkama1377d ago

Sounds silly now, but it's going to be part of the future of the brick and mortar games store.

Roccetarius1377d ago

In other words, they're saying a physical reward tier is completely meaningless. The only DRM free version would be the one purchased from GOG as well.

Aloren1377d ago

Actually no, they're saying they're late so they either send the physical copies with a steam or gog key and send the disk a bit later when it's ready, or they postpon the whole thing but it might take longer.

It's funny how actually reading the article instead of the "click me" headline helps to understand.