The Order: 1886 | Game Trailers Interview

Ready at Dawn CEO Ru Weerasuriya shares his challenges and influences from bringing The Order 1886 to life.

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richierich1376d ago

Ru Weerasuriya said "we're just touching the surface of what PS4 can do"
After hearing this I cant wait to see what games will look like in a few years.

Genuine-User1376d ago

That was a really good interview. Thanks for sharing it.

skwidd1376d ago

Incredible interview. I love their philosophy and I'm really rooting for them! Its tough to take a gamble and make something that pushes the medium a tad. It looks like they are blending cinematic and gameplay constantly to keep the attention of the gamer and to blend cinematic and gameplay seemlessly. I'm really curious and I'm just gonna pick it up.

Genuine-User1375d ago

Let's hope they sell a good amount :)