Four Bethesda Games I’d Like to See Announced Before Fallout 4

Ray Porreca of Entertainment Buddha writes: "While a new entry into the Fallout series would certainly be a treat, Bethesda \ and a developer in has a steady roster of IPs that are due for a comeback."

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HAMM3RofBUDDHA1377d ago

Good call on Dishonored 2 and Rage 2. Rage was a great game, just not superhyped.

LightofDarkness1377d ago

Rage had good shooting mechanics and lovingly crafted animation and... that's it. Everything else framing the game was sub-par at best. From story, to setting, to technology (id Tech 5 was a failure), to the open-world mechanics.

Dasteru1377d ago

Rage was actually over hyped. That was the problem, as with alot of games. People get their expectations high pre-release, thinking it will be some revolution in gaming, and when it doesn't completely match what they were expecting, they go ape and call it crap. The same thing happend with Haze. Everyone calling it a Halo killer pre-release even though the devs never once even compared it to Halo, then when it didn't live up to that expectation... you know the rest. Not a great game but certainly not the 4/10 most were giving it.

smolinsk1377d ago

Only game is Fallout 4, drop everything else, nothing has to be announced before.

lemoncake1377d ago

just taking into account how long it has been since fallout 3, fallout 4 has to be the next thing they announce.

HAMM3RofBUDDHA1377d ago

I think that's the consensus and I wouldn't be opposed to it. New Vegas never felt like a proper Fallout game to me, so would love to get back to the franchise on the current gen systems.

Hellsvacancy1377d ago

Dishonored 2 and Fallout 4, I'll be happy with either

JamesBondage1377d ago

morrowind HD fuck yes.. although arent modders already working on that?

tacotruck1377d ago

I think a mod project has been in the works for a while, but an official HD version would still take the cake

KWMathias1377d ago

PC folks have been modding for ages, but letting us console plebs join in would be pretty awesome.

elninels1376d ago

Unnggnngnhnhg. Morrowind HD would kill me. Right in the butt.

I don't believe fallout 4 is being announced yet. If it's not ready for a holiday 2015 then i hope it's not announced anyway. Dishonored sequel sounds right. Probably a lot of ESO.

I really want a new IP. Something elder scrolls-esque (open world rpg)+cyberpunk.

InTheZoneAC1377d ago (Edited 1377d ago )

fallout 4 first...

then sometime down the road rage 2, dishonored 2, elder scrolls

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The story is too old to be commented.