World champ ZeRo speaks out again on the fractured Smash Bros scene

Gonzalo “ZeRo” Barrios was overjoyed to win at Apex 2015, but calls for a more cohesive community spirit in future tournaments.

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wonderfulmonkeyman1375d ago (Edited 1375d ago )

I feel nothing but sympathy for this guy.
As someone who has loved every Smash game for what it was, even if I can't fully understand the depth of his disappointment from that one moment on stage, the general feelings of disgust over all of this bashing going on within the community, between Melee supporters and non-Melee supporters, is something that has also affected me to a much greater degree than I wish it did.

I dunno if I'll ever get there, but I'd eventually love to be known, myself, as one of the better Link players in the scene.
I can only imagine how bad it would feel if, the moment I got up there and accepted a trophy for putting on my best show for others, the most noticeable thing to come back to me from out of the crowd was a bunch of people saying "Yay it's finally over! Get to *insert Smash version here* already!"

I know that being aggressive towards others is just one of the by-products of a competitive gaming scene, but it should never get to the point where those that play feel ashamed of their own community.
There can be aggressiveness while still being accepting of things from another person's view, even if you don't agree with it.

The bashing needs to stop. We can be competitive without being d***-wads.
And there isn't a single version of Smash that cannot be fun in its own way.

Concertoine1375d ago

Well said.

If you ever wanna play some smash, im down. I have you added. I play falcon.

shaw981375d ago (Edited 1375d ago )

I am not saying all melee players are mean, but the melee community is one of the worst fanbases I have ever seen. The unnecessary hate for everything not melee is infamous that there is a forming of a group of people against melee and its players. Many melee fanboys are selfish, rude and ignorant. Big smash players talk about growing the community, but how can I support a community run by grown men who act like 3 year olds.

A lot of them I would not even call Nintendo fans because that would be a disgrace to Nintendo and its fans. I wait for the day the community can get its head out of its anus.

This article gave me much more respect for ZeRo. Claps to you ZeRo. Maybe your voice can be loud enough to get the community in a much better position then a daycare.