Evolve is awesome, but it needs these fixes now

A few hotfixes Turtle Rock’s innovative 4v1 shooter needs right now if it’s to survive.

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Blues Cowboy1399d ago

"Balance: RRP reduced from $60 to $25."

Wait, sorry, I just imagined that. They need to fix it though!

lemoncake1399d ago

At this point I would rather them package up the DLC and sell it at a realistic price because even if they drop the core game you still got £100+ DLC. Knowing how this usually plays out we will see a complete edition released at full retail cost just before they release more content so they can release the ultimate collectors edition.

acekaze1399d ago

You have over 2000£ of dlc in league of legends, doesnt mean you have to buy it all does it now?

Blues Cowboy1399d ago

@acekaze: I don't mean to patronise you, but that argument is broken.

League Of Legends is free to play.

Evolve already costs $60+.

Freeball1399d ago

@ ace

My thoughts exactly. I don't like the DLC scheme and think it's overpriced, but it's a pick & choose thing. People are acting like they need to buy all or nothing. If you choose not to buy any of it, maybe they won't do it like this next time or fix the model in place. Nobody is making you spend your money.

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Nazareth1399d ago

I'm having alot of fun with Evolve!I know I'm supposed to hate it because of the dlc issue, but I just took my kids to the movies to see spongebob and spent 60+$ so in comparison Evolve is a steal! Lol