Will TwitchPlaysPokemon Catch Them All?

Clipping Error discusses whether or not TwitchPlaysPokemon will be able to catch all 151 Pokemon in it's latest run of Pokemon Red which begins tomorrow.

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ccgr1402d ago

Good luck with that!

WeAreLegion1402d ago

No. Even in Democracy, it'll get screwed up. They can obviously cheat with the Pokemon that need traded to evolve. It's a ROM. However, they would need to surf cinnabar and clone Master Balls to capture all of them. On top of that, you have the Safari Zone exclusives (Cinnabar might help.) and not releasing Pokemon when they get into the PC.

WildArmed1402d ago

But if this goes on for 10 years, maybe we'll have only 2-3 people playing so they could actually pull it off.

Such a waste of life but to each their own

Ripsta7th1402d ago (Edited 1402d ago )

Impossible , MEW is #151 and the only way to get him now is by doing
That crazy ass glitch by mystys gym
Im calling it impossible
Pokemaster here btw