Blue Dragon - Playable Opening Sequence

With only 4 days until the Japanese launch of Blue Dragon, this time the playable opening sequence of the game hit the internet. Watch it and get impressed, but be warned that it might spoil just a little bit of the game.

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NextGen24Gamer4391d ago

WOW...I can't wait for this game. 50 hours of pure true HD gameplay. This is next gen Jrpg at its finest. I expect 9.5's to 10's for this one.

no_more_heroes4391d ago

Famitsu gave it a 37/40 (9,9,9,10 - these are scores from the 4 different people who rate games at Famitsu).

BOOSTIN4391d ago

but i hope for the english version they get rid of that "NOTHING" sound.

JasonXE4391d ago

i wouldn't mind a cool jrpg to lay back to.

power of Green 4391d ago

Nothing like a epic game with next-gen builds.

I going to get this game although normally i stray away from this genre-JRPG I trust MS pushed games.

The scope, the scale, the adventure, the graphics, are so nice that i actually appreciate the anime art style although it has a new twist to it and it looks great with powerful next-gen effects mixed in with the artoonish art style.

I love how MS's games have quality written all over them.

MicroGamer4390d ago

very Mario 64-ish. The Japanese are going to lurve it!!

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