Twilight Princess To Be The Next Zelda Remake On New 3DS

Fans wondering what Zelda game will be remade next don't have any solid leads to go on, but a new rumor circulating is that Twilight Princess will be remade for the New Nintendo 3DS. Of course, it should go without saying that the rumor is just that... a rumor. It is in no way confirmed by Nintendo. The image paired with this article is also fake, just a picture made to go with this article.

The rumor comes from multiple GameStop employees who, over a span of days, have confirmed that their local Nintendo representative has said Twilight Princess could be the next Zelda remake, and it would be for the New Nintendo 3DS. The employees, who shall remain unnamed due to not being authorized to speak to the media, have said a woman that works as a representative for Nintendo and visits multiple GameStop locations to deal with Nintendo products has been buzzing about the rumor. The woman mentioned handles Nintendo demo units placed in GameStop stores, among other duties, and already has the New Nintendo 3DS and Majora's Mask 3D, according to the employees.

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Snookies121374d ago

I don't see this game benefiting much graphically on the 3DS... I mean, it could look about on par with the original, maybe a little better... Granted, if Twilight Princess ever did get remade, I'd play the hell out of it. That game was amazing. Then again, Zelda titles are generally known for being quite amazing.

Geobros1374d ago

I didnt like much TP to be honest. If though it comes to 3DS I will give it a second chance.

Snookies121374d ago

It starts off really slow, and is really freaking long... But, there's a LOT of content there. I was just really digging the darker atmosphere of the game. Plus, wolves are some of my favorite animals, so being able to play as one was neat as well.

George Sears1374d ago (Edited 1374d ago )

If anything, Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword should be released for the Wii U. The jump in resolution alone will undoubtedly make them both amazing.

I've played Skyward Sword with the Dolphin emulator and it's nothing but spectacular.

*EDIT* Check out how beautiful the game looks running Dolphin.

Snookies121374d ago

I don't know, Skyward Sword is the only major Zelda game to leave a bad taste for me... It just all felt a little bland... I checked out about 5 hours of the game, and it never really felt like it kicked into gear. Does it get much better after the first dungeon? I hate not completing a main Zelda entry, since I've played every one through from the original. I just couldn't bring myself to go much further in Skyward Sword for some reason.

user55757081374d ago

WiiU HD releases make more sense. skyward sword without motion controls would be epic. still haven't played more than a few hours of skyward sword cause of the controls

jcnba281374d ago

TP deserves a HD remake on Wii U not just a port to 3DS. Heck I'd probably still buy it because it's my favourite Zelda game but still..

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1373d ago

oh didn't you know before WW HD was a thing. The Zelda Tech demo was just a tech demo using TP asset in HD