Bethesda announces first-ever E3 press conference

Bethesda Softworks will host an E3 press conference for the first time ever this year, the publisher announced.

The showcase will be held in Hollywood, California on June 14. E3 itself runs from June 16 to 18.

The publisher promises more details on how fans can register to attend in the coming months, but will stream it live on Twitch for those unable to attend.

Bethesda’s currently announced upcoming software includes BattleCry, the next DOOM game, and the console versions / updates to The Elder Scrolls Online. Maybe we’ll finally get that Fallout 4 announcement?

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BigBosss1283d ago

Please either show/reveal Fallout 4 or a new Elder Scrolls game!

Abash1283d ago

I dont think they'd be holding a press conference if they had no intention of announcing either Fallout 4 or the next Elder Scrolls game

Bansai1283d ago Show
Palitera1283d ago

They are doing it for Elder Scrolls Online.

The end.

MysticStrummer1283d ago

@Palitera - They may very well mention ESO, but a press conference just for that would make no sense.

I'd rather see another proper Elder Scrolls game than Fallout, but it will be interesting to see what they have to talk about and hopefully show. Running around the worlds of Far Cry 4, GTA5, and Dying Light always make me imagine what the next Elder Scrolls will look like on my TV.

elninels1283d ago

I feel that we won't see either.

XB1_PS41283d ago

Well to fill a whole show you have to have quite a few games.

100% chance Doom gets shown
Fallout 4
Dishonored 2
New Elder Scrolls

Palitera1283d ago


What else? Did they buy the Tolkien's rights and are doing a Silmarillion game? Are they going to announce Half Life 3, 4 and 5 too?

Jesus, guys... No wonder the E3 comments are always the same: "They hyped it so much; I expected more".

Remember: They have ONE paragraph saying that there is an E3 conference (again, ESO is released near E3 not by coincidence). The rest is all on your account.

VenomUK1283d ago

I love Fallout, I love Oblivion so THIS is exciting news because it probably means the reveal of a new RPG for one of these franchises.

The fact that they are holding their own conference (rather than being a reveal on a console manufacturer's E3 stage) makes it more likely that it will be multi-format so PC, PS4 & XBO fans can play it and nobody misses out.

It's only February but I'm already looking forward to E3!

AliTheSnake11283d ago (Edited 1283d ago )

A friend of mine is an audio engineer at Bethesda. He teased to me a Skyrim remastered for PS4/X1 .
I asked him what about fallout 4, he said "you know that's a given"

1283d ago
ginsunuva1283d ago

@ Everyone except Palitera

There's a joke right in front of you and you're all blind.

UltraNova1283d ago

I'm so ready for fallout 4 and dishonored 2!!

But something tells me they're going to try and revive ESO..which will be lame.

XB1_PS41282d ago (Edited 1282d ago )

@Palitera They volunteered to have an E3 show. That means they have a decent amount to show. Also, they can show a game without it being even close to done. I don't see my list as farfetched at all.

They already said they're working on Prey.

They already said they're working on Dishonored 2.

They've already shown Doom before.

Everyone is expecting a new Fallout.

The one that has the best chance of not showing up is a new ES. Besides the Online one. That'll be there.

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PygmelionHunter1283d ago (Edited 1283d ago )

Yeah, this could actually end up being pretty big!

Let's hope we finally get a peek at DOOM 4 and Fallout! A new Elder Scrolls would be very much appreciated but I find it unlikely.

Now that I think about it, wasn't Dishonored also published by Bethesda? Maybe we'll get some more of that too.

Testfire1283d ago

If there's no Fallout 4 or Elder Scrolls (not the online game) announcement then it'll be a failure imo.

We had also better see a new engine if they do reveal any of those games.

MysticStrummer1283d ago

Ah yeah, forgot about Doom. That would be cool.

1283d ago
ZombieKiller1283d ago

Yeah I bet that is Fallout. I can't wait to see it!

pivotplease1283d ago

Didn't we see Fallout 3 at E3 and then it came out in the fall. I'm hoping history repeats itself.

Mega241283d ago

My predictions, Doom reboot, Fallout 4 or a new Elder Scrolls, ESO expansion announcement, Battlecry Live Gameplay, Dishonored sequel, and maybe a few other new titles from other studios under their publishing.

PCGamingNoobs1283d ago

If they don't show a new Fallout I will fall out with them.

equal_youth1283d ago

Maybe they show us some gameplay of the already announced games like Doom.
I cant remember more right now ^^
I hope for at least one big announcement.

BallsEye1283d ago (Edited 1283d ago )

They better do! Fallout 4 please! Brink and Dishonored are quality games, but Bethesda should stick to what they do best! Open world RPGs! Oh and it better be NEXT GEN experience (Please do not mistake with 1080p or better textures)

Errefus1283d ago

way to soon for an elder scrolls game, looking forward to Fallout 4

Magicite1283d ago

Thats what most their fans want.

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Manic20141283d ago

Damn! Hoping for Fallout 4, Just over 4 months left!

Pogmathoin1283d ago

I do not mean to dis Doom, as I do love them, but while 3-3.5 million is good for most games, for Doom it was not. Maybe the games were hyped too much, but today, people go for the safety net.... COD, rather than the classic Doom....

Dudebro901283d ago

Really not sure what you are talking about? Doom is created by a small group of ID developers, which is why their games take years to come out.

4 million copies is more than enough for them to turn a profit. If it wasnt...they wouldnt keep making them.

"but today, people go for the safety net.... COD, rather than the classic Doom...."

How can that comment even be relevant considering the last time a Doom title released...Call of Duty wasnt even nearly the franchise it is today. Doom 3 was released in 2003, not only to critical praise, but it was a financial success, and they even created an expansion.

A game doesnt have to sell 15 million copies to be successful.

Not trying to call you incompetent, but your knowledge of Doom and the entire gaming industry appears to be just flat out wrong.

The_Blue1283d ago

Fallout is coming guys.
Lets not act pessimistic.