Wii launched in Japan. Big lines form. 400,000 Wii consoles sold out.

Demand outstripped supply on day one, despite there being 400,000 units of the new Nintendo console available.

A video recorded in Japan shows the "Tokyo Launch Line" for Nintendo's Wii in the early moments of December 2nd. A Bic Camera store, where they had 2,800 Wii's, saw over 3,000 people waiting in line.

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ChickeyCantor4373d ago

and no riots here, i mean deaths and crap like that

Odiah4372d ago

In other news, ugly elephant left eating cute kittens dust.

MicroGamer4372d ago (Edited 4372d ago )

and here I was thinking queues for major events in London were long. I think Japan now takes the title from England as queueing capital of the world.

Syko4372d ago

I got my Wii at my local target and I only showed up 30 minutes before they opened. 3,000 People thats crazy I would just keep driving right back to my house if I saw that many people

Harry4372d ago

Well those Japanese sure do know what the right thing to queue up for is...

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