The History Channel Civil War 2

This Civil War game is kinda sucky. But that doesn't mean it's not hilarious. The Yankee yells, the unbelievable death animations and the historically accurate three-minute reload times are enough to keep us in stitches. Unfortunatley, Activision dropped the musket ball and didn't include a few of the horrible realities of the Civil War, which would have made for wonderful gameplay. Here's what we think would help make a great sequel.

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MicroGamer4372d ago

I really was thinking of trying this game. I thought it would be an FPS like COD or R6 but using the obsolete weapons of the time. Those muskets were hardly accurate at anything more than point blank range. Can you imagine playing something like Gears where you have about a 5% chance of actually hitting your target and you have to stop and reload after every shot?? Then you have hand to hand combat and bayonet fighting. I really hoped this would open up the door to a whole new aspect of the shooter genre. I guess I'll be disappointed.

rakkasan4371d ago

The guns were quite accurate due to rifled barrels. One reason the casualty rate was so high during the civil war. As a war buff I'll be picking this game up when it hits the bargain bin.