Gamers use #IDARB to Dish out Abuse and Insults

Unfortunately, hostile gamers are nothing new. Online platforms such as social media websites, and gaming services like Xbox Live, have given these trolls microphones with which they can spout insults and profanity to their hearts’ content. With its in-game Twitter and Twitch integration, #IDARB has become another one of these microphones. It needs to stop.

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christocolus1376d ago

LOL. what were you expecting? afterall upon booting up it clearly says

“Your game settings allow the people of the Internet to interact with you. This may include profanity, threats, nudity, and unrealistic money-making opportunities“.

The mature rating for this game comes from players coments..lmao.

aconnellan1376d ago

Haha you're right, the mature rating absolutely comes from the players.

To be honest, this is exactly what I was expecting. They do say that, and for good reason, because they were expecting it too.

The thing is we shouldn't live in a world where we have to expect and prepare for this kind of behaviour. It's a really sucky situation.

dreamed1375d ago ShowReplies(1)
Tedakin1375d ago

#IDARB is a game that's basically a parody of everything the internet is and has become. Sadly, hate and racism is a big part of the internet.

Great game, BTW!