A pair of remastered JRPG collections discounted

The price for Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD Remaster has been dropped to $13.99 on the PS3 while Tales of Symphonia Chronicles got discounted to $14.99.

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Relientk771401d ago

Nice, definitely good deals on both of them

George Sears1401d ago

Playing FFX-2 on Vita at the moment. The game looks so good compared to when I first played it. Framerate is a bit iffy at times though.

reallyNow1401d ago

damn...i have to get this dont i?

SpaceFox1400d ago

Yessir. They honestly aged really well. Story, gameplay and graphics are all still outstanding.

reallyNow1399d ago

i definitely need to re-play X. havent ever tried X-2. i heard it was like charlies angels or something random.. lol

pivotplease1401d ago

Yeah and I especially like the tweaks in the fonts and the character portraits. Everything is just way more polished. Still haven't gotten a perfect sphere grid though. Such a grind even with the tricks.

WizzroSupreme1401d ago

My brother has these games on Vita. Hear they're pretty great still.

Eidolon1401d ago

They held up pretty well, graphics look great on the Vita.

DEATHxTHExKIDx1400d ago

My friend said he'd give FFX/X-2 on Vita for free. Tales of Symphonia is so cheap I have to get it. UGH tho I need to finish Majora's Mask, Pokemon, and Persona 4 soon. Backlog is getting ridiculous.