Want Matchmaking in Unreal Tournament 2007?

If Battlefield has taught us anything, developing a proper server browser isn't easy -- or maybe DICE just sucks at it. Anyway, Halo 2's pairings based on skill makes the process incredibly easy. Just some friends, set a few variables for match type and a minute or two later you're firing away. Turns out Epic Games thinks that might work for Unreal Tournament 2007, too.

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ThomasDaGamer4309d ago

I'm not buying this game until I see a server list. 2004's multiplayer was great and shouldn't be changed.

FKN Unbelievable4309d ago

Do a Matchmaking service like halo.
You don't have to worry about getting booted from a persons room cause he only wants is friends. They mix up the playlist types and Equipment. I wish gears did this and GRAW.

jerseynets044309d ago

just make the servers like Killzone. the servers, rooms, and lobbies were all great on Killzone Online.

THAMMER14309d ago

You should call Ripply's believe it or not.

darx4308d ago

Makes sense. Since playing Halo 2 online you would think every developer would take a page from Bungie's book. Thanks Bungie!