Genesis' Japanese voice actor plays Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core

FFU: "Over 7 years after the game's first release in Japan, the famous Japanese singer and Genesis' voice actor Gackt is playing through Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII and is posting all of it on YouTube.

In conjunction with Nestle (yes, THAT Nestle), Gackt is playing through Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII and we are definitely excited to see how he fairs. We're especially excited to see what he says about his own character, Genesis.

You can check out the first part below, but bear in mind, it's all in Japanese. Even still, it's fun to watch."

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Adrian_v011401d ago

What's so special about him to constantly make articles of him playing games?

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WeAreLegion1401d ago

Nothing, but it gets hits, apparently. I don't understand it, either.

MeteorPanda1401d ago

he's like mj over there, and he's really into games, what's there not to love? Also the rumour mill loves making up shit about him to keep teenager girls interested in him >.>

Hanso1401d ago

well in this case he voiced the main villain from Crisis Core

hkgamer1401d ago

he is or was very famous.

these articles on n4g means nothing though, since we dont really care about him playing video games.

this one is pretty amusing though since he will have to beat the crap out of himself since gensis is in a sense modelled after him. genesis first appearance was a live action video clip of gackt in dirge of cerberus and if i am correct he did vo for genesis in crisis core.

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RyanDJ1401d ago

And why isn't this game available for digital download, thereby allowing it to run on Vita yet?

MeteorPanda1401d ago

l've been dying to replay this game for years. my psp got stolen with cc in it. I don't get it either, copyright or some shit got involved