An Enchanted Date set for PS3 release

Originally developed as an Xbox 360 exclusive, Enchant Arm tells the story of young enchanter-in-training, Atsuma -- a boy destined to become the world's most powerful magician and the guy who is supposed to save the world.

The folks at FromSoftware have announced the official release date for the PlayStation 3 version of [eM] -eNCHANT arM- in Japan. It's currently scheduled for a January 25, 2007 appearance with a retail price of 8190 Yen ($71 US).

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THWIP4367d ago

MS has lost a few "exclusives" to the PS3, but ONLY with games that have already COME OUT on the 360, and are merely ports. The exclusives SONY lost, will come out concurrently on the 360. Sorry Sony, but THIS generation, you only rate getting MS leftovers.