First BD-Live Game Explored

Gaming Target: "BD-Live, for the first time, makes a Special Feature worth checking out, whether or not you love a movie.

MIB on Blu-Ray features some "out of this world" extras starting with its support of BD-Live, the brand new interactive specification for web-enabled features. Like Division 6, you probably don't know much about the abilities of BD-Live since MIB is the first movie to use the updated profile."

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Pornlord3634d ago

I own this movie, and this game is fun. I enjoy trivia in general. Just start supporting most of the discs and this could easily take off.

SwiderMan3634d ago

Agreed. Too bad some movies (like Superbad) won't have such features since they released a hair too soon :(

Pornlord3634d ago

Yeah, it would be nice to play an interactive game where you run into a shop and punch Mclovin in the face.

SwiderMan3634d ago

Mclovin? Who are you Seal?

KingJFS3633d ago

With Hancock apparently being a big dud, giving Men in Black another look might be a good idea.