Why Rise Of The Tomb Raider Will Be The Survival Adventure Game Of 2015

Clipping Error discuss why Rise Of The Tomb Raider Will Be The Survival Game Of 2015, and what specific aspects of the game are going to make it better than the likes of Far Cry.

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Mechanism1230d ago

I think they're going to do a lot this round to try and differentiate it from Uncharted. IMO the reboot of Tomb Raider borrowed A LOT from Uncharted from the action scenes, to the score, to the general mechanics of the game (All games have borrowed from others in the past, not a bad thing). Will be interested to see what they come up with.

Hoping it comes to the PS4.

GetSomeLoGiK1230d ago

It should come to PS4, its a timed exclusive.

xxmagicmanx1230d ago

I don't think so! Microsoft Studio is the publisher

1230d ago
WeaseL1230d ago

Maybe Sony told Square when U4 was aiming for release, so not to step on each other they conned MS into paying for a timed release.

Kribwalker1230d ago

It says that it has a duration in that link, but it does not say "it will come to PS4." It could be a duration then it's released on PC, but not ps4. There is a lot that can be read into it

shloobmm31230d ago

They never said it would come to the ps4 that it might not stay on Xbox. So that could simply mean a pc port. Phil Spencer said Microsoft is not going to pay for another consoles game. Wouldn't be surprised if it stayed console exclusive to Xbox. Either way for those who have never played the original TR on Sega Saturn or Ps1 pretty much every third person game has borrowed from TR. She was shooting and climbing and flipping 20 years ago.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1230d ago (Edited 1230d ago )


Microsoft probably secured temporary exclusivity in exchange for helping Square Enix develop the game. After the term of the agreement expires, Square Enix will probably resume unhindered ownership of Rise Of The Tomb Raider and they will be free to publish the game on other platforms. It works the same way with most deals of this nature.


The reboot attempted to duplicate everything about Uncharted, including the multiplayer.

Kal0psia1229d ago

Sorry buddy, this is console exclusive. If anything it's timed as a PC port. Microsoft is running full marketing, retail for this game and development with full uitlization of it's hardware.

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falviousuk1230d ago

You do realise Tomb Raider came out years before Uncharted, so basically Uncharted is a copy of the Tomb Raider style of game.

georgenancy1230d ago

not really.tomb raider 2013 copied gameplay elements from uncharted.It doesn't play like the old tomb rider games

Eldyraen1230d ago

There are similarities (mostly genre) but anyone that has played both can see the new Tomb Raider is much more akin to Uncharted than Uncharted is to the old TR games.

lemoncake1230d ago (Edited 1230d ago )

If we never had tomb raider we would never have had uncharted

Edit: Don't know how anyone can disagree with that statement tbh, guess people here are too young to know where this genre started.

Clunkyd1230d ago


lol have you played any of the old tomb raider games? It plays nothing like Uncharted. It might gotten influence from TR as an Action/Adventure game but gameplay style is completely different.

-Foxtrot1230d ago

Nothing about the old Tomb Raider games and Uncharted are same apart from the fact they are both treasure hunters

Uncharted is a cinematic third person action game with small puzzle elements

Tomb Raider was a puzzle game with third person shooter elements.

The reboot is basically wanting to be like Uncharted...they try way too hard.

GetSomeLoGiK1230d ago

@lemoncake actually if it wasn't for Gears of War, there would be no Uncharted. Sony wanted ND to make a game to compete with Gears.

Kingthrash3601230d ago

I hate the " if there was no" argument.
May as well say if there was no Jordan there would be no Kobe.
nonsense.. inspiration always helps and the chain of inspiration is infinite. But inspiration isn't a creator. ..its the people who dedicated hard work, time, and sacrifice. They deserve the credit for their creation not the thing that inspired them to create it.

NeoTribe1229d ago

Tomb raider was a dead franchise when uncharted came about. Gameplay was much different from old tomb raiders. Just because there both raiding temples doesnt mean there the same. The new tomb raider took a ton of gameplay elements from uncharted which actually made for a great tomb raider for a change.

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LexHazard791230d ago

Ok and Uncharted borrowed from other games before it. So stop saying how everything being borrowed from Uncharted. To be honest Id go as far as saying Tomb Raider paved the way for games like Uncharted. So show some respect to Lara.

OrangePowerz1230d ago

He said that all games have borrowed from others, that would include Uncharted.

TR did a lot for 3rd person action adventure games, the last one retained very little of the original TR formula. Originally they had a lot of puzzles and less shooting. From a gameplay point of view Uncharted didn't have that many connections with old TR games while the last one was basically Uncharted with Lara Croft.

It was still a good game and there is nothing wrong with borrowing ideas (see Shadow of Mordor), but in the end the last TR was more Uncharted than TR.

joab7771230d ago

It will. May actually sell more on the PS4. It will be interesting to see how MS handles the U4 launch. Head to head? Will it delay if U4 does?

If Sony is smart they will try and put U4 head to head, so PS4 players buy U4 and the TR when it comes at a later date. Otherwise many that own both will buy for xbone.

Anyway, I just want some real tombs. Uncharted has been so damn good at giving us amazing tombs and puzzles. Without copying again, TR needs to give us tombs, something new and original. And build on her humanity, giving us more difficult situations that require something other than a shotgun or ak.

UKmilitia1230d ago

it was coming to ps4 but then MS released info that they was helping publish the game,but its money and i expect once uncharted been released and out a while they will release on ps4 because they want money at end of day.
i wont buy a xb1 for tomb raider.

Dawknight3161230d ago

It's going to in 2016. PS4 will have uncharted with a much better multiplayer and story

TheXgamerLive1229d ago (Edited 1229d ago )

Actually ......... your quite wrong, Tomb Raider series has been out since the Sega Saturn and PS1 and Uncharted was HEAVILY based on the Tomb Raider series.
And yes, all games as in music, movies etc... are based on other things. ALL.

Never really stated form sure it's a timed exclusive. Only hinted at.

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christocolus1230d ago (Edited 1230d ago )

I enjoyed the reboot so much, it was a pleasant surprise and this seems to be a lot bigger and much more ambitious. Such a talented team. can't wait to see what they do with this one for sure. Hopefully they'll do a Legacy of Kain:Soul Reaver reboot next.

Farmassy1230d ago

I agree. I really enjoyed the last game and think that they are doing everything they can to make this one bigger and better. One part of the game that I hope they really improve is the multiplayer. The last game's multiplayer was terrible. I hope that they put enough resources into it to make me come back and play

christocolus1230d ago (Edited 1230d ago )

To be honest,i never even bothered myself with the multiplayer mode. I went through the singleplayer twice though. It was really good.


I think you are right, it doesn't need one but if they choose to add one then they could make it like tlou mp. I find myself going back to that a lot. Its fun.

ger23961230d ago

It doesn't need multiplayer.

Farmassy1229d ago

christoculus said it best

it doesn't need multiplayer but that shouldn't stop you from wanting a great multiplayer experience. I just think the game has a lot of potential for multiplayer and that they should take advantage of it. Obviously I am going to play it regardless because of how great the single player is... but don't write off the potential multiplayer for a game just because the single player is the main aspect of the game. When I bought TLoU I didn't even think about multiplayer but I sunk hours and hours into it because it turned out really great

Letthewookiewin1230d ago

It's going to be a great game but there is no way it will be better than Uncharted.

MasterCornholio1230d ago

Why not?

Who knows until the two games are out.

However I will say this. If Tombraider is even close to the quality of naughtydog games it will be an incredible experience.

xxmagicmanx1230d ago Show
Clunkyd1230d ago


Because.... It's Naughty Dog.

Letthewookiewin1230d ago

I love Tomb Raider and I also love Uncharted. But the speed and fluidity isn't there for Tomb Raider as it is for Uncharted. It's exhilarating how Drake can be surrounded by enemies hucking grenades at him and quickly maneuver out of danger while taking a couple out, all the while being a smart ass about it. My opinion is not fact here obviously but it's one I have consistently held since playing the reboot. I can't wait for the TR sequel, I just don't think it's going to be better than Uncharted.

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christocolus1230d ago

Its going to be based on personal opinion. The TR Reboot was rated higher than uncharted3 by many reviewers and i know die hard uncharted fans who prefered the reboot as well. The sequel will be same.both devs will improve upon their previous work but in the end the media&gamers will once again go with preference. Some will pick UC while others will go with TR. They are both very good games made by very talented studios.

dudebrokiller1230d ago

"The TR Reboot was rated higher than uncharted3 by many reviewers" Uncharted3 has a Metacritic of 92 vs Tomb raider 87 but yeah its all opinion.

christocolus1230d ago (Edited 1230d ago )


Try to understand my comment.i never said TR beat out UC based by review scores. i clearly stated that many reviewers gave TR a higher bringing up meta.c doesn't change a thing. UC is a great franchise.I know cos i've played everyone of them. CD&ND are extremely talented and Both UC&TR are of similar genre and appeal to a very similar audience but in the end it will once again come down to personal preference.

thanhgee1230d ago


"The TR Reboot was rated higher than uncharted3 by many reviewers"

"i never said TR beat out UC based by review scores."

What does your definition of "rated higher" mean?

Doge1230d ago

I wasn't aware Uncharted was a "Survival" adventure game.

The_Sage1230d ago

You have to"survive" to make it through the game. ;)

AnotherProGamer1228d ago

Tomb Raider reboot wasn't neither

Yetter1230d ago

Uncharted will be a better movie, Tombraider will be a better game

Aquariusgamer1230d ago (Edited 1230d ago )

I liked the tr reboot more than uc3. If cd is hungry enough, they can make a potentially better game.

Also, I really liked the climbing, scavenging, and upgrade system in trr. If uc4 doesn't have similar mechanics, it'll risk being too samey with the other uc games.

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ger23961230d ago

Let me guess, because it's a xbox 1 timed exclusive?

mhunterjr1230d ago (Edited 1230d ago )

I strongly doubt it will be better than uncharted 4... but I would strongly welcome any game that could meet or exceed that high level of quality...