Sledgehammer Not Working on CoD Remaster; Studio Head Expects Female Lead in Future Call of Duty

Sledgehammer's studio chief Michael Condrey speaks about the possibility of a remastered Call of Duty collection, what steps the studio are taking during pre-production for their next game and how players should expect to see a female lead character in future Call of Duty games.

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EvilWay961d ago

Cod AW sucks both Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer should be gone from making Cod and leave it to Treyarch and let the games come out every 2 years

caseh961d ago

I kinda like what they done with Advanced Warfare and actually enjoyed the single player experience, the multiplayer on the other hand is the worst that I've ever endured.

EvilWay961d ago

Yea I agree. Multiplayer is the most unbalanced game I have ever played. I like how they attempted to change but idk if can be pulled off because they delay and lag is so bad. If they balanced the guns it would be better but how much idk

Screw SledgeHammer I am buying this years Cod and if it sucks I am done for good

Unreal01961d ago


No offence man but you're probably one of those people who were "done for good" after Ghosts came out.

Sledgehammer have done great with Advanced Warfare, best fun on a Call Of Duty game since Modern Warfare 2.

Halo2ODST2961d ago

You're right in one aspect Evil, Infinity should be rebuilt or removed, because the studio is still suffering from the fact, a lot of them left to do Titanfall, But Infinity made the best games, COD 4 & MW2

Matt666961d ago

I agree, if you take away the exo abilities, its just like all the other COD's

vallencer961d ago

Which is why the exo abilities make it what it is......

3-4-5961d ago

* Eventually, one of these 3 needs to brand ouch a "spin-off" IP, that is similar to COD, but can strip away everything we "like" about COD, without fear of losing money or fan backlash.

* Basically, two of them still make COD's, while the 3rd make a new IP.

2016 = COD
2017 = New IP
2018 = COD
2019 = COD
2020 = New IP

Something like that.

TheTimeDoctor961d ago

Definitely agree. Treyarch should be sole developer.

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TheCommentator961d ago

Boobs on the protagonist will obviously freshen up the title so it doesn't feel like a retread any more.