Ten games released after Final Fantasy VII that show IGN's "JRPG in decline" article was rubbish

Digitally Downloaded writes: "Earlier this week, over at IGN, Colin Moriarty penned an opinion piece titled "Are JRPGs primed for a comeback?" His thesis? That the genre has lost relevancy following Final Fantasy VIII, a game released way back in 1997."

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kalkano1324d ago

JRPGs have undeniably declined. These days, you either get combat targeted at the lowest common denominator, or you get the lowest possible production values. We used to have great combat, combined with great production values. Until we get back there, I'll be a retro gamer.

While some of the games you mentioned were good, most were before JRPGs declined. I also would not call any of those even close to as good as FF7.

Basically, I think both the IGN article and this one, are wrong. JRPGs DID decline, and I see no sign of them ever coming back (even though there's nothing I want more).

Spore_7771323d ago

Wow! Golden Sun got a mention? I love that game! Etrian Odyssey as well. Some great choices in the article.