Activision Defends Call of Duty's Performance; Treyarch's New COD "One Of Our Best Games Yet"

During the financial results call for investors and analysts, Activision responded to allegations that the Call of Duty franchise might be starting to suffer from fatigue, based on the fact that sales year over year are lowering; The publisher also promised great things for the next installment developed by Treyarch.

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Relientk771409d ago

Cannot wait for next CoD

Treyarch is the best, definitely excited!

denawayne1408d ago

WW2 please. I can't stop imagining COD in a war torn europe with the new systems.

venom061408d ago

old WW CoD have already been done before... what the purpose of doing that again, just with slightly better graphics??? plus old time era is kinda boring..

denawayne1408d ago

You're right. They should do a modern day game with modern weapons and modern soldiers right? Maybe call it COD: Modern Warfare.

Or maybe redo WW2 with, yes, prettier graphics, better ai, bigger worlds, co-op. There are still many battles and stories to tell in the WW2 era.

I'd buy it. Anyone else agree?

PurpHerbison1408d ago

WW2 is my favorite era for shooters so I totally agree.

PandaExpress1408d ago

No What they should make this time should be about the Cold War and the Cuban Missle crisis, and a little propaganda on Jfk's assassinations. With some stealth/espionage campaign
Call of Duty Cold War
or Call of Duty Freezing Nations
Or call of duty Flash Freeze
something along that line

guyman1408d ago

Ha that's enough jokes for one day.

Halo2ODST21408d ago

Infinity Ward is the best ~COD 4 & MW2, Treyarch didn't even innovate on IW's franchise.

WeedyOne1408d ago (Edited 1408d ago )

Infinity ward has gone downhill and most of the peeps that made those games no longer work there, I personally think IW most recent releases have been the worst in the franchise.

Also that's bull about treyarch not being innovative, they brought the hugely successful zombie mode which was very innovative at the time. Hell they even brought tanks to the mp in [email protected], something other cod have not tried.

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DarkOcelet1409d ago

I really hope its WW2.

"we just announced we’re up to a great start with our DLC season of Advanced Warfare"

And i really hope they get rid of their damn cash grab dlc. I cant believe people buy this $%^&. They are seriously selling quarter of the content of the game in dlc.

crazychris41241408d ago

Couldnt believe they left out zombies which always came with the game. There a huge difference between making money and this scam they have going. Wish I could sell the game but it was digital copy that came with my bundle.

Unreal011408d ago

Why do people keep saying this? When has it always came with the game? Zombies is only included in Treyarch's Call Of Duty games, never has it appeared in Modern Warfare, MW2, MW3 or Ghosts and Advanced Warfare has Exo Survival as the extra game mode. The fact they are having a Zombies mode for Advanced Warfare as well as Exo Survival is a huge bonus. Give them some credit, my god, you don't even have to buy it. Anyway, can't wait for the DLC to drop for PS4.

OrangePowerz1408d ago

You are assuming the content was finished and taken out of the game.

They actually packed the season pass with the collectors edition for 99 bucks that was actually a good deal same as Destiny. The others don't pack the season pass with their collectors edition charge you 100+ bucks and still sell you the season pass separate.

DarkOcelet1408d ago

I am against the dlc/season pass entirely. They already make billions out of the series, then they should make the damn dlc available for free. You are paying 90$ or more for a game now to fully experience it so that is BS.

OrangePowerz1408d ago (Edited 1408d ago )

Previously games got expansion packs. So it's not really anything new it's just a different way of delivering and implementing it. As long as they don't take content out of the game and sell it I'm ok with paid DLC.

The price for the main games haven't really increased since the NES times while production and marketing costs have skyrocketed.

KarmaV121408d ago

I just want to see the next version of zombies. Not Advanced Warfare knockoff

reko1408d ago

world at war 2 would be cool.

Der_Kommandant1408d ago

I want to go back to WW2

Battle of the Bulge would be amazing.

MCTJim1408d ago

This would add to it and make it better imo: take out all the perks and let us go back to the days of MW and CoD 2 days. Those games were so much more fun.

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