MotorStorm Screen Overload

Mud-drenched new shots depicting scenes of chaos. Looking at the screens you can actually hear the shouting..."Motor Kombat!"

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Bhai4369d ago the real-time mud changes the appearance of both vehicles and the riders, depicting some of the finest blend of particle effects and texture work here:

blackmagic4368d ago

What I see is 39 pictures posted on Dec 1st ond out of those there are only 3 pictures that have an HUD on them and they are significantly different/degraded from the other 36 pictures which I can only assume have been taken out of a cut scene... Haven't we all been around long enough to NOT fall victim to these marketing techniques?

Antan4369d ago

Looks very promising indeed. Maybe us europeans will have a reason to buy a PS3 at launch after all.

Bhai4369d ago

Infact, you europeans are going to be the luckiest of the lot, PS3s will be most bugs free, most features unlocked and best of all, the best of the next-gen lineup will be awaiting you...Virtua Fighter 5, Heavenly Sword, MotorStorm and even the PS2's god of war 2, so...yeah I'll be getting mine from the European launch too, as I'm planning to visit UK around March.

Antan4369d ago

having seen the latest F1 interview and screenies you can certainly add that to the list!! looks increadible for a launch title if thats what it is.

THAMMER14369d ago

And it sucks. The physics engine is the same as Saints Row. THE HAVOC engine witch is not that bad. But the flames when you blow up are the jaggiest I have ever seen since N64(funny stuff). The cars look awesome, the landscapes look like Halo 2, and the game sounds faster than it plays. No kidding if this was a 360 game I would not spend the cash. But PS3 owners should buy this because this looks like all you got for a while that is exclusive.

I'll give credit to the amount of hype it has but over all I was not impressed. It is not that great at all. I would rather play Full Auto.

Karibu4369d ago

MS is better than GOW and that's enough ;)

THAMMER14369d ago

I think your FU(K' N Funny. MS has nothing to do with GOW. Why are you bringing that up? LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL Sad very sad.

meshow4368d ago

u sound like my lil bro..!

Antan4369d ago

fair enough, each to their own.

Daytona4368d ago (Edited 4368d ago )

It's really good smooth larger textures but other than CGI shots, the few actual gameplay shots arent detailed so wait until you can pay for and maybe play a demo on the ps3 for the less than 300,000 nationwide, that have one that is.

as previously said by post 1.1 "don't be fooled by marketing technigues".

But, when all is said and done, It'll be a good game I'll bet and worthy of buying for any ps3 owner. probably not a AAA title but good non the less.

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The story is too old to be commented.