PlayStation 3 Sales Drop Sharply on Low Supply

During the seven days from Nov. 13 to Nov. 19, there were 43,378 of the consoles sold in Japan compared with 88,400 sold on Nov. 11 and Nov. 12, according to figures published by Enterbrain Inc. Friday. The company publishes local gaming magazine Famitsu and its figures are generally regarded in the industry as reliable.

Another local market data supplier, Media Create Co. Ltd., estimated sales in the first full week at 42,099 units and said they dropped further to 32,622 units in the week from Nov. 20 to Nov. 27. Media Create earlier estimated launch weekend shipments were 81,693 units.

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Antan4366d ago

I think the biggest problem is games, there is just nothing out for the japs yet, i mean if a Final Fantasy or a Dragon Quest were here im sure the machine would sell every single one for a bloody long time!!! but once these type of game hit the system im sure things will pickup significantly, same as Blue Dragon and to a certain extent Lost Odyssey is doing for the 360.

Raist4366d ago

This isn't a drop in sales at all rofl.
How could they sell more consoles than shipped by sony ?

They simply shipped more consoles on launch day than the days following, that's all.

TheMART4365d ago

It's obvious

1.5 game per unit sold @ launch PS3

4.5 game average attach unit @ launch 360

1.9 Game @ launch PS2/Gamecube

2.4 games @ launch XBOX 1

There you have it. The thing won't sell as long as gamers don't see games to buy for. Except for those that wan't to install other OS on it, the fanboys that will even buy a real grill if PS3 is marked on it and all those that follow Ken saying: "You'll buy the PS3 even if there are no games for it".

PS360WII4365d ago

You don't really need to buy alot of games for a new system when it's fully backwards capible. You know something the 360 lacks (cheap shot I know) That's why the 360 has so many games attached with the system sales cuz you need to buy that many to get any worth out of it. Where as with the ps2, ps3, and the Wii + DS you have this plethora of games that you already have and the big launch title.

DEIx15x84365d ago

Then why would you spend $500-600 for a PS3 just to play PS2 games at PS2 level? The 360 will at least make your Xbox games look insanely better and smoother making it possibly worth the purchase for a backwards game. The PS3's only reason to buy is a PS3 game otherwise just spend $150 for the same thing and buy yourself 7-9 PS2 games.

Scrumptious4365d ago

fanboys have cleaned up the supply and nobody else can afford this overpirced system. Did they really think people would pay $600 plus $50 for a video cable and money for a charge cable just to play Resistance? Oh yeah...they should have worked 2 or 3 jobs to afford it. I guess the average consumer realises the 360 system and games are superior at a more reasonable price, becasue 360 sales are surging! When you are successful releasing $300 consoles why would you charge double that and expect the same success. It's also funny the top selling game was #29. Through the past year the 360 games have constantly debuted in the top 10. I guess the fanboys are broke and watching Ricky Bobby.

Lex Luthor4365d ago

DJ is late for his Damage Control duties.

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The story is too old to be commented.