Legal Warning For PS3 Importers.

A top law firm has told MCV that any profits made from importing PS3s could prove insignificant compared to the huge legal costs if Sony were to throw the book at unscrupulous importers.

Mitra Pahlabod of Davenport Lyons has warned that without a legal leg to stand on, anyone selling US or Japanese PS3s over here is taking a huge risk in defying the might of Sony.

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MicroGamer4394d ago

to companies trying to bring in mass quantities of consoles. That company was foolish to make a public advertisement of the fact that they were selling them before the official launch. Most gray market sales will be individuals buying them on ebay. That is the biggest problem and one that Sony can't really do anything about. I doubt that they will go after everyone who buys one on ebay. It is their own fault for ignoring Europe when they launched elsewhere. If enough people import them, it is going to look a sorry situation for them (Sony) over there.

highps34394d ago

Sony doesnt have the money or time to fight all the importeres. Nice threat though.

MicroGamer4393d ago

Firstly, they announced that PS3 would be region free, so they can play N. American and Japanese games no problem, then they included a power supply that can be adapted to the 110-120 used in Japan/N.America as well as the 220-240 used in Europe. All you have to do is swap the cord from a N. Amer./Japanese PS3 with one that plugs into the European mains. Video signal isn't even a problem anymore. You don't need a PAL PS3 to run on an HDTV because they have 720p/1080p there just like we do. To top it off, whenever they are faced with production issues, Europe always ends up getting left out. Can you really blame Europeans for getting their PS3s now instead of waiting until March???

videl4393d ago

no, you cant blame us. i would buy a ps3 from ebay, if i would get a guarantee. but sadly there is no guarantee and it is a too high risk.

DC RID3R4393d ago

i like your comments bro, you make some VERY valid points!!!

wot i dont know though, is which c*cksucker would be dumb enough to rush out and import a PS3!?!? a so-called next-gen console capable of this

when pc, and 360 will be getting games like this released!

i pity the fools

Marty83704393d ago

X360 don't support DX10,it a DX9 based console.There is no proof that that screenshot is in game,it could be a replay or cutscene.

MicroGamer4393d ago (Edited 4393d ago )

And 360 is fully hardware compliant with DX10. Microsoft can make it fully functional with just a patch. The graphics capabilities of the 360 would surge greatly when such a patch becomes available.