Dear Avalanche, Please Let Just Cause 3 Focus On Fun

John walker:
"Dear Avalanche Studios,

Hi, I hope you’re all well. I wanted to get in touch to make a few requests about Just Cause 3.

Obviously you’re deep into development now, but with no fixed release date, I’m also sure there are many months left to go. So I hope I’m not too late with my requests. After I begged and begged and begged and begged that you not let the game get in the way of the fun during the run-up to Just Cause 2, you let the game get in the way of the fun in Just Cause 2, so it seems imperative that I get in touch now."

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crazychris41241412d ago

I loved the horrible story and voice acting in Just Cause 2. It was part of its charm to hear horrible pronounced works and overacting that rivaled Nicholas Cage. Over the top moments like riding on nuclear missiles and fighting against ninjas in the secret dome were over the top fun and just hilarious.

Gotta agree with the author by the end of the game you are swarmed by enemies and to make it worse you dont have much ammo even when you fully upgrade the gun or equipment.

Just Cause 2 is like Red Faction Guerrilla. Mediocre story doesnt matter when the developers give you a huge world then say "Heres a couple guns, explosives and some vehicles, go do whatever you want"