The Perfect Portable Console – Sony Game Control Mount Review | Gamer Attitude

Thomas Ellis of Gamer Attitude takes the Sony Game Control Mount for a test drive.

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Scatpants1414d ago

It's a shame they don't make it easier to pair a DS4 with the Vita. It doesn't seem like it would be hard.

uth111414d ago

I have the Nyko one. It does make a nice portable, both for PS4 remote play, and Native android games and emulators that can be used with a DS4.

Only complaint is it makes the share and option buttons harder to press.

SteamPowered1414d ago

Wow that looks cumbersome. I rock the Nvidia Shield for my portable gaming.

SteamPowered1414d ago

You can be sad all you like. Tacking a controller onto an already portable device is cumbersome and redundant. The Shield is controller and screen in one. Its my preference for sure.

trickman8881414d ago

How does it suck to be him when he has a device that can play PSP games, Nintendo DS games, and other systems via emulation, and has a variety of apps to boot? Along with being able to stream PC games?

thomasellis831414d ago

Pairing the DS4 with the Vita via Bluetooth must be in the pipeline, surely Sony can't miss this trick!

Xb1ps41414d ago

I think they did.... I mean how much longer would they need? And why not plan that from the get go???

I tell you sony can be so damn retarded!

Ninjatogo1414d ago

Doesn't really look like it works fully with the Vita attached as the L1/R1 buttons are now blocked by the bottom of the console. In the tablet pic it leaves enough free space for your fingers.

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The story is too old to be commented.