Nintendo's missteps demonstrate that they remain out of touch

Chalgyr's Game Room writes:

I love Nintendo.

They have provided some of the best gaming consoles along with many of the most memorable titles and characters in video game history.

I am frustrated with Nintendo.

So many of their decisions feel as though they are out of touch with the times.

Over the last year Nintendo has had some great releases and managed to score some very solid hits in the industry, yet at the same time for every step forward they seem to take over the last few years, the company seems intent on taking two more back. I am afraid that if Nintendo continues its missteps, they may never be able to recover despite having some of the most important properties in the video games industry.

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Jdoki1413d ago

Did I miss the memo that it's bash Nintendo week!

I like how every negative / concerned Nintendo article starts with 'I love Nintendo'.

Considering they are so out of touch, so down and out, so bereft of third party support and make SO many missteps... Every gen, there they are, doing their thing, making varying amounts of money. The longest standing competitor making some of the best games in the world.

Rebel_Scum1413d ago

All I have to say to Nintendo is "stay on target" even if they can't shake articles like these "stay on target"

There are things they do that are baffling but they are so different to Microsoft and Sony and produce some really great games that I wouldn't really want them to change.