Game Focus Review: Apotheon - The Labours of Nikandreos

A picture is worth a thousand words and a civilization that craved the art of storytelling utilized numerous means of art to spread these words across all nations. Like all art, the crafting of pottery had meaning as it had a story to tell and that is why ancient Greek art, pottery included, is studied at great lengths to this day. Alien Trap Games has utilized the artistic design of ancient Greek pottery to tell their story which has been four years in the making. Let us see if Apotheon will be able to last through the ages.

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MegaSackman1414d ago

Great and detailed review, looking forward to this game today!

Takwin1414d ago

So stoked to try this game, but I feel that way about 3/4 of all the Playstation Plus games on PS4. I think it is the best value in gaming other than the Steam Sale. But I appreciate the methodical addition of 2-3 games per month.

Considering it is possible to get PS+ subscription for $30 and easy to get it for $40, the value of these games for $1-$2 each is astounding.

I've loved 1/4 of the games, and really liked many more. What a great service!