Club Nintendo Slowly Returning to Normal

Hardcore Gamer: There are a few errors that may occur when on the Club Nintendo pages. Before even logging in, it may stop you from proceeding and you’ll just have to try signing in again. Once you log in, after clicking around, it may log you right out.

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MNGamer-N1350d ago

I tried earlier this morning but I still can't do surveys. I need 40 more coins to get to 200 coins so I can get something decent. I'll try again right now.

MNGamer-N1350d ago (Edited 1350d ago )

"We're experiencing heavy traffic at the moment, so accessing your account may take a little longer than usual and you may see display issues with your account when logged in. Please note that you'll have until 6/30/15 to redeem your rewards. Thank you for your patience."

It is still unusable at the moment.

Xof1350d ago

Wait until early morning when there's likely to be much less traffic. I had no problem last night at 3AM.

DoggyBiscuit1350d ago

I got 700 coins and I wanna spend it already

ZeekQuattro1349d ago

I need 70 more coins and that MM bag will be mine. I hope the New 3DS comes with a Club Nintendo code.

Mikito111349d ago

Sorry to say it doesn't come with one

ZeekQuattro1349d ago

Really? Damn. Thanks for the response. Bubble up.

Mikito111349d ago

Sadly not, I got the New 3DS Ambassador edition here in UK and didn't have one.. That and the fact amiibo don't have them was a silent warning that club nintendo was going :(

browngamer411349d ago

I somehow managed to grab a code for the Wonderful 101(it took a lot of page refreshes and working through broken links)and was on there a few minutes ago attempting to get Starfox for my 3Ds when the site crashed for the 1,000th time-only this time when I went back in all my coins are gone! My platinum status and all my coins are wiped out, hopefully it's just a glitch...

vacoby51349d ago

Any update on this? Are your coins back?

browngamer411349d ago

Just checked and my status and coins have been reinstated(whew)....