Football Manager expert helps BBC on transfer deadline day

GR-UK writes: "Twice a season there's a transfer deadline day, where the media goes into a frenzy and players move clubs all across Europe. It's a day of intense speculation, manufactured drama, and transfers - lots and lots of transfers.

"Yesterday was one such day, and as per usual the BBC had a liveblog detailing the rumours and deals that were struck up and down the country (and even further afield). In amongst the twitter posts, opinion and quotes from players and managers, there were updates from a couple of people you might not have expected to see on BBC Sport liveblog.

"Alex Stewart and David Bytheway are, first and foremost, football fans. Both also are expert gamers, with Bytheway a renowned FIFA player, and Stewart hugely knowledgable when it comes to Sports Interactive's Football Manager series."

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