Visceral still unsure about 1080p for Battlefield Hardline on PS4 and Xbox One

The public beta for Battlefield Hardline will go live in roughly 24 hours, but the developers are yet to confirm whether the latest iteration in the Battlefield franchise will run at 1080p and 60 FPS on Xbox One and PS4.

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DragoonsScaleLegends1412d ago

Just give me a smooth 60 frame-rate because if it is horrible like the last beta of this game then I'm not buying it even when it goes to the dollar bin.

St01412d ago (Edited 1412d ago )

I'm not too bothered if a game isn't 1080p this gen since the PS4 & XBO do a pretty good job of upscaling from lower resolutions. I'd be happy if all games ran at 720p with a stable 60fps this gen.

SteamPowered1412d ago

Personally I find that unacceptable for this gen. I dont need every game 1080p/60fps, but I expected more from this gen to be honest.
There is still time to unlock each consoles potential, but to lay back and say 720p is good enough is something Im not willing to do.

creatchee1412d ago

I don't mind 720p games at all if they look good and the devs use tricks to eliminate some of the problems with the "lowered" resolution. I have the Xbox One Battlefield 4 and the jaggies can be terrifying in some places. Honestly, the Hardline beta looks about the same as BF4, which isn't great.

AuToFiRE1412d ago

Until you realize even the PS2 could output [email protected]

Crazyglues1412d ago (Edited 1412d ago )

Listen it's not going to run at 1080p @ 60 fps.. it's not going to happen. (it's using the same BF4 engine)

-Also I find it funny when gamers ask for this, because those same people couldn't tell if BF4 ran at 1080p/60 without looking it up on the internet... LoL (which just means you should just be worried about if it plays good)

Visceral needs to fix the shooting mechanics, get it working like Bad Company 2, because at the end of the day if they can't fix that, no one is buying the game anyway... So it won't matter if it's running at 720, 900p or 4k..

||.........___||............ ||

spacedelete1412d ago

it will be very interesting to see if Viceral lied to the world that BF hardline will be 60 fps and 1080p and they said that at last year for Sony's press conference.

3-4-51412d ago

Beta ran smooth last night on XB1 and looked slightly better in terms of graphics than BF4.

Nothing drastic though, just slight upgrade.

_NotoriousJaee1412d ago

The game graphically looks worse than BF4 so you'd think it'd be wasy to hit 1080p :/

MysticStrummer1412d ago

"looked slightly better in terms of graphics than BF4."


"The game graphically looks worse than BF4"


I downloaded the beta but once you start it has to download more. The Planetside 2 beta servers are about to go live for the evening and I'm hooked on that so BF:H will have to wait. Maybe I'll check it out tomorrow.

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dazzrazz1412d ago ShowReplies(2)
dark-kyon1412d ago

even this game looking worse what battlefield 4 and can't reatch 1080p in consoles.

gamer91412d ago

You've seen the final version of Hardline side-by-side with BF4? Cool can i borrow your time machine?

TankCrossing1412d ago

Calm down dudebro, it's a time machine. Conventional laws of queuing do not apply.

But just in case it has several seats... Shotgun!

m1armor1412d ago

Was the coment necessary ^^? You know damn well these consoles aren't powerful enough.

Lord_Sloth1412d ago

Still wish Visceral didn't get stuck making BF games. I wanted their Jack the Ripper title.

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