'I'm In Love With a DOTA Player' Soap Airing on Philippine TV

It's certainly testament to how popular the game is in this country.

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hulk_bash19871350d ago

Yup they have officially run out of ideas on Philippine TV. I love my homeland but this is just sad.

dredgewalker1350d ago

They've run out of ideas a long time ago. I've never watched any local shows for more than a decade. The shows here are all about mindless soap operas, gameshows and singing contests because we are mostly populated by mindless idiots. I hate this country a lot with all the hypocrisy about being religious yet being one of the most corrupt and lawless country in asia.

AudioEppa1350d ago

This show will do big numbers and while people are laughing about this creation, the creators behind the show are going to be laughing all the way to the bank lol

Ultraplayerxp1350d ago (Edited 1350d ago )

"The show ramps it up a notch, making the DOTA player the best in their campus."

Damn, best in the campus. Don't let this one go girl!

plsburydoughboy1350d ago

One thing; I actually saw an episode yesterday and it was more fun than y'all gave it credit for. They're absolutely aware how dumb the premise is... so they ramped it up to 10