Battlefield Hardline Progression System Detailed, Open Beta Launches Today

"With Battlefield Hardline just over a mere month away, EA and Visceral Games have released new information pertaining to the progression system in the multiplayer component. First and foremost, players earn in-game currency for completing various actions in multiplayer - this can involve scoring individual kills."

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Toiletsteak1409d ago

I don't get the point in the ready to play on Xbox One (don't know if it is the same for PS4) but with a lot of games it says ready to play but you can't play the game you can only sit in the menu's, it says Battlefield is ready to play but i can't play it, it just seems stupid that it is there.

SolidStoner1409d ago

FREE OPEN BETA IS LIVE NOW on PS4, see ya there! ;)

PainUzumaki1409d ago

not up until 1pm Eastern time

spicelicka1409d ago (Edited 1409d ago )

I think it means you can download the beta before it actually goes live. So they day servers go live you don't have to wait to download it first. It's actually a great option considering how large game files are now.

I know this from the Halo 5 beta, I had it downloaded a couple of days earlier, then on the release date I just got home and started playing right away.

marlinfan101409d ago

The betas all online so you can't play it until it's 100%. Normally when it says "ready to play" it means you can start up the story mode

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rawrock1409d ago

Gonna get this game for sure...

TankCrossing1409d ago

Lemme guess without reading:

Play loads and loads to unlock things, or just pay a good chunk of real money for a "battlepack" for each class?

vallencer1409d ago

Or, and hear me out, you can play the game and do real teamwork and get in game cash to buy the weapons you want! Yes that's how it actually works. It's better then playing 50 hours to unlock all weapons.

rawrock1409d ago

Although I dont bother with betas unless character progression rolls over into the game like Evolve or if I am on the fence on whether or not to buy. So I wont bother with this beta as progression wont roll over, and I already know I am gonna get Hardline.

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