GTA Online servers are down for maintenance

Don't get angry at your console, GTA Online servers are just down for maintenance and should be up and running in a couple of hours.

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WeirdShroom1381d ago

I hope they are fixing whatever made matchmaking a pain the other day.

souldestroyer141381d ago

Or maybe they're adding the heists
They'll probably announce that the heists are comming soon again during the holiday season and sucker people into purchasing the game again. I don't understand the following for this game there's no major updates no dlc... But on Christmas it was snowing! -_-

WeirdShroom1381d ago

Yes, because one feature of Online is the driving force behind sales. Not the fantastic singleplayer, gorgeous console limit shattering graphics and chock full of content online multiplayer.

No no, just those damn heists...and now they will sucker in another record breaking amount of gamers by maybe not having one thing ready yet again.

spacedelete1381d ago

i think hiests doesn't really exist and Rockstar are only using as a marketing trick.