GameStop Employees Are The Reason You Won’t Be Getting A Shulk amiibo

Nintendo247 Author writes: It’s no secret that scalpers are everywhere looking for limited run amiibo. These scalpers may be your neighbors, co-workers, even your friendly neighborhood GameStop employee. While having a conversation with a few GameStop employees today, I learned that some GameStop employees will wait until a shipment of amiibo hits their store, then either notify their friends and family or simply buy them for their own personal use.

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techologie1412d ago

Shady ass employees. I know they do do this. I had a buddy who worked there and mentioned to me that they would hide games that they only received a few copies of so they could purchase them for themselves.

N4GDgAPc1412d ago

And I bet you would of done the same thing to. I know I would. Especially if I really wanted it.

NegativeCreep4271411d ago (Edited 1411d ago )

Yeah I would too...if Gamestop was the only place on Earth where I could buy video games. But it isn't, so doing something shady like that doesn't seem worth risking your employment over.

HollowZbankai1412d ago

funny, these guys always do this. i knew someone who worked at gamestop when i bought my ps3 launch day. the only reason i got mine was cuz i knew him n he knew how bad i wanted one. dude pulled me out of 3rd in line and told me radioshack had the phone i wanted. he told me he was gonna tell everyone that the shipment is late and everyone who worked there was getting one but since they saw how much i wated one, by going and putting literally 10 bucks at a time everyday.... let me in on it. i felt bad but at least i didnthave to stay in line all night. i went home and he called me in the morning. had it in a plain box and met me by the dumpster like it was garbage. gamestop does some shady things. i was young and just wanted a ps3 lmao this stuff needs to stop tho

ChickeyCantor1411d ago

You do realise they can just make the purchase before hand, you don't need to wait for that.

MNGamer-N1411d ago (Edited 1411d ago )

I've actually caught them doing this! I check their site for in store availability of hard to find games, if find they have one, I go purchase it. I went once and was looking and looking, at it was nowhere on the shelf. After like 15 minutes they guy was like oh here it is... CONVENIENTLY BEHIND THE COUNTER. I'm still shocked he even coughed it up.

SHADY Bastards!

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YamiMarik1412d ago

"simply buy them for their own personal use."

I'm sure their "personal use" is to sell them on eBay for a huge profit. It's not a crime, though, so GameStop can't do a lot about it.


it is against gamestop's company policy and grounds for immediate termination. GameStop has an entire LP devision that searches for employees selling items online. Managers have been fired for selling the swag they received at their conference online. If you really want to get rid of them make an example and contact their district manager or LP manager.

greenmeanie1411d ago

So the company whose entire business model is based on purchasing things for cheap and reselling them for a profit has a problem with their employees doing the same thing? This is just a fear tactic I am sure, how are they going to prove that an item that was sold on ebay was sold by an employee? Ridiculous! Here is a fact: I just sold a rare kaos skylander trap that I acquired from gamestop on ebay for $60 last week! Hmmm, maybe I work at a gamestop... but guess what? Their pathetic LP division will NEVER be able to confirm or deny it and there isn't a thing they can do about it!

rainslacker1411d ago

I can see if they're holding back stock for their friends or what not, but if the employee wants to buy stock from the store, is that against company policy? What the person does after the purchase should not be in GS rights to control, and in most states I imagine it wouldn't be legal grounds for termination.

The swag and stuff may be different area given the nature of the swag. But even then, the stuff is now their property. I had a GS manager just give me their Gannondorf figure from the Zelda LE because I wasn't able to get the LE in time. They did this because I was a good customer, and it would suck if they got fired for it for just being nice to a customer.

JacketsNest1011411d ago (Edited 1411d ago )

THANK YOU!!!! So many people do not realize that it is against their company policy. It's the very same reason they have a one type of console per person policy. It protects the stores against scalpers.


They wouldn't get fired for that because they gave it to you. They did not sell it to you, and therefore did not make any money off of the purchase. If they had sold you the figurine, then GS would have grounds to fire him. It's how asset protection works. They don't care what you do with the products you buy, as long as you don't make any money on the side.

Jadenkorr0211412d ago

Actually Gamestop employees have and WILL get fired for buying something and selling it for profit. Happens all the time. Dumb employees who think they can get away with it. they end up losing their jobs. seen it happen before.

N4GDgAPc1412d ago

I say that's pretty stupid to me. They still bought the product so they own it. They should be able to do what ever they want with it.

vallencer1411d ago

The problem is they buy it with their discount and are selling it and basically making profit off gamestop. At least I'd imagine that's how a company would see that.

JacketsNest1011411d ago (Edited 1411d ago )

It's still breaks their contract with the company. When they sign the offer letter, they agree to everything in the employee handbook. That includes not making profit IN ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM of of their discount. It's the same thing as me going into the retail store where I work and buying something with my discount using money that you gave me. I did not pay for it with my money, and therefore I am profiting off of my employment with the company that pays me to buy their stuff, that is grounds for being fired. The money they pay you is expected to go back into the company, that's how it works.

N4GDgAPc1411d ago

Then don't use your discount problem solved.

Samonuske1412d ago

As someone who works at Gamestop I can almost guarantee that the "Behind the counter drawer" this guy is referring is stuff we've put on hold or has been reserved for other customers and we're not allowed to sell them for 48 hours. If we were to buy something from the store we wouldn't be able to just put it in the drawer we would have to purchase it and put in the back which we can do at anytime. Yes employees will obviously have an advantage when it comes to getting items first but from what I've seen from all the gamestops I've been to and worked in, in my local area no one has abused their power.

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