Most Over-Hyped Gaming Characters of All Time

MultiInformer: Here is the list of 7 most over-hyped gaming characters of all time. Some of your very favorite names includes in this list that may irritate you.

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Stupid1413d ago

Marcus Fenix and Lara over-hyped... never. They are my favorite :p

Snookies121413d ago

I don't get Marcus Fenix... I dunno, he just seems kind of generic to me, never really stood out.

Septic1413d ago

Marcus Fenix was completely bleh to me. Never related to him. He was just a meathead. He had the emotional depth of a petri dish filled with corn flakes.

Miranda Lawson got me hooked hard. She looked stunning and had that fiesty attitude that reminded me of my ex. Also, dem nice.

Lara Croft was amazing at the start. She took the world by storm and I still remember her Lucozade adverts.

Altair was a breath of fresh air as a Middle Eastern protagonist but AC1's shortfalls didn't do him justice.

Sonic was always cooler than Mario. Its a blue hedgehog that had super speed. How much LSD do these game devs take?

Kratos is a G. He's literally got the skin of his dead family on him and somehow, it suits him? What a boss. Pure rage and anger. You know what you get with him.

slappy5081413d ago

Agreed. I mean he had a chainsaw on a gun FFS! If he road on the back of a velociraptor Id say he'd be borderline Chuck Norris!

Rimeskeem1413d ago (Edited 1413d ago )

Kratos is a beast. Thats all i care about.

WitWolfy1413d ago

I loved Miranda... Hit that polygon ass twice in the trilogy.

LordDhampire1413d ago

Miranda lawson face is like a man

Septic1413d ago

Whaaaa no way. She's modelled on Yvonne Strahovski, who is lovely:

Kryptonite42O1413d ago

She is the sole reason I watch the show "Chuck" hahaha. Gorgeous.

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The story is too old to be commented.