Ben Porter on Dark Adventure, Moonman

Ahmad Khan writes: "What do you think when you read the following sentence about the game Moonman: In a strange, nocturnal world a moonman is summoned by an ancient mollusc. It sends him to the farthest corners of the land to search for fallen moon fragments.... Does that made sense to you dear reader? No? Good! Because I sure as heck had no idea what this game is about, and that's a good thing. This is why I love indie games; while AAA games can boast about Hollywood movie like graphics it's in indie games that you'll find the most weird and wonderful storylines. In this era of Brown-Shooters and idle-click one wishes (at least once a week) to get their hand on something that is remotely different from the mainstream. And you know what I did when I saw this weird and wonderful looking game on Kickstarter? Yup I fired an email over to Mr. Ben Porter, the Australian developer behind this moony game. Mr. Porter was kind enough to set some time aside from the Moonman Kickstarter and answer my questions. Fair warning before you scroll down to the interview, expect moon related puns, deadpan discussion about the Moon, and moon men. You have been warned. Now on with the interview."

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