Bandai Namco Trademarks Signal Localization Spree

Hardcore Gamer: Bandai Namco recently filed trademarks for numerous Japanese properties, which could signal a slew of localized titles for North American and European regions.

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Snookies121407d ago

If true, Sword Art and Jojo are definitely going to be bought. Too bad Sword Art doesn't have a PS4 port as well...

miyamoto1407d ago (Edited 1407d ago )

Bandai Namco is now my second favorite developer/publisher next to Naughty Dog

PS4 version is under consideration.

"Yosuke Futami, a producer of the upcoming RPG Sword Art Online: Lost Song, recently talked with Dengeki Online, and revealed a great deal of interesting information.

The most exciting news, well, at least for PlayStation 4 users, is that Futami mentioned in the interview that he wants to bring the game to the PS4. Eir Aoi, the singer of the game’s theme song, added in that she would also like o see the RPG hit PS4, although no concrete plans were announced. "

I am hoping the PS4 they are talking about will come as a localized version as well.

I can't be more happy with Bandai Namco games this year. Godzilla, J Stars Victory Vs Plus, Toukiden Kiwami. I am such a happy PS4 owner living the dream.

Magicite1407d ago

I have played all tales games so far, waiting for zestiria now.

Chevalier1407d ago

Toukiden Kiwami is a Tecmo Koei release though, not a Bandai Namco release though.

Revengeance1407d ago

Bandai Namco is killin it with these localizations! Keep it up! I got more money waitin!

Lionalliance1407d ago

Bring Digimon here please!!!

Snookies121407d ago (Edited 1407d ago )

Ah yeah, didn't even think about that... Now I'm sad it wasn't one of the ones mentioned... I hope they decided to bring it over soon.

Sheed1407d ago

all i need is my j-stars victory vs

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