January’s Game Of The Month: Resident Evil HD

Pixel Gate chooses it's 'Game of the Month' for January 2015:

''January was a pretty odd month for video game releases. Dying Light totally skipped stores, instead hitting only services for the low low price of £55. Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker was officially released, even though some store had been selling it for the past month, for some reason. For the start of the year, there was a void felt when it came to ‘big’ games. Thankfully, at least two games managed to impress. One title was the return of a much loved game with fancy new visuals…again, the other was the before mentioned Treasure Tracker.''

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PixelGateUk1412d ago

We gone goofed up when slapping into the blurb!

RG_Dubz1412d ago

It's a Gamecube port with better character models on the main characters.

Can't believe the author would even talk up the graphical improvement, when it's pretty much a direct port.. Go look at the PC/Gamecube comparison and tell me I'm lying.

The fact it's not 1080p/60fps on PS4 and XB1 is just sad, you can't tell me the PS4 and even XB1 can't run a Gamecube game at 1080p/60fps.

lipton1011412d ago

Like you said, it's a direct port. It doesn't seem like you played the game since you seem pretty dismissive. But if you had played the game, how would those prerendered scenes look in 1080p? Not good. The game is perfect how it is. As far as the whole "It's not 1080p!" argument... Play it yourself. The quality is outstanding. They did a great job, graphics included. Why needlessly bash something you don't understand?

PixelGateUk1411d ago

i think he's trying to push his gripes via taking one line of the post and blowing it up in order to express his gripes

RG_Dubz1411d ago (Edited 1411d ago )

The game is 1080p, have you even played it?

The game is barely a graphically improvement other then the main character models and the ever so slightly touched up backgrounds and some extra blades of grass in the cemetery. . Even when it comes to the PC port of the game it's not a huge improvement over the original Gamecube version but the fact remains the game should run at a steady 60fps on both Current-Gen consoles.

@ PixelGateUK

You barely made a point about the graphics but it's a false point because the graphic differences are minimal and unimpressive to say the least.

PixelGateUk1411d ago

talk up? we barely made a point to mention the visuals of the new version. Please don't try push your agenda via taking one line and blowing it up.