Official PlayStation 4 Camera gets price dropped with new deal

The price for the official PS4 camera has been discounted by 25% to just $44.96.

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Dir_en_grey1412d ago

Waiting for that Morpheus bundle.
Need some games to support this damn thing anyway, come on developers!!

Psytrix1412d ago

They really need to hurry up and get Skype on PS4. Microsoft have already said they are open and willing to support it.

uth111411d ago

Skype needs to die and be replaced with something that works. It's a buggy mess on anything that's not a Microsoft platform.

Psytrix1410d ago

That's odd. It works perfectly on my iPhone and iMac and my distant family who use Skype webcams that plug straight into their TV's have never had an issue either.

Skype is clearly the leader in VOIP software and integrated into many devices that are easily used by people that aren't as tech savvy, which gives me the opportunity to see older family members abroad.

It's idiotic that an app hasn't been made available for PS4, limiting the usage of camera even more.

uth111409d ago

it's terrible on Android and Linux- Android Skype doesn't notify you half the time. My friend's iPhone skype would drop calls constantly

It sometimes doesn't ring when it should.
Conversations often get weird echos

yes it works fine on my macbook, but I'm not always in front of the macbook to take calls. I got chewed out by my boss several times in the last year for not responding to skype, when it simply didn't notify me on my phone!

B_Rian891412d ago

Best Buy has had it on sale for $39.99 for a while now. not sure if its still up though

level 3601411d ago

Is it available in white?