Difference between Xbox 360 & PS2 not obvious to Indian reviewer

A bleak console review has trickled out of India, where Xbox 360 made its debut just over a month ago. "[After] spending hours with [Xbox 360], the big difference between this machine and those in the market today, particularly, Sony's PlayStation 2, were not obvious," writes Raghuveer Malik of Rediff.

In India, HD displays have yet to penetrate the consumer market and Xbox Live is still a pipe dream. Remove what must be considered Xbox 360's two strongest selling points (HD gaming and Xbox Live) and really, what is the difference between Microsoft's console and PS2?

Now consider the unattractive price tag, relatively few software options, and lack of "support" from the pirating community; it's obvious why "[hardly] anyone was trying out the lonely, shop-soiled demo piece." India's games market is predicted to explode in the coming years, but Microsoft appears unable to gain any ground over the well-established PlayStation brand.

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x440Magnumx4398d ago

Hmm....betweeen the PS3 and 360 is very arguable, but the PS2 and the 360? The Xbox 1 looked better than the PS2. I wonder what games he's comparing. God of War vs. Arcade Unleased? ;)

joemutt4397d ago

He would probably pick the PS2.

Bhai4397d ago

PS3 is getting everything from PS1 and PS2 so definitely he'l pick up the PS3. I think 360's limitations have limitized your fanboy brains as well !

joemutt4397d ago

PS3 cant even play music while your playing a game. It has to focus all its attention to one thing, and can barely do that well.

Capt CHAOS4396d ago (Edited 4396d ago )

I got annoyed and read the review.. Read it and it makes sense. No xbox live in India yet and he does say that if you have the money then the 360 is a clear winner..


TheXgamerLive4398d ago

This was weak, much like the ps2. They would of atleast said comparison of the Xbox 360 and ps3 or xbox1 and not the ps2, so this was obviously a sony posting. A weak and sad one too.

JasonPC360PS3Wii4397d ago

If anything I support Xbox more but I just love games over all.

videl4397d ago

at least there are some ppl who were not paid by ms. its correct, the ps2 is better. and the ps3 is far far better.

Grown Folks Talk4397d ago

that the big winner is the dreamcast since it has games that look better than the ps2.

combatant4395d ago

wow videl, you just descust me.

dantesparda4395d ago

Wow! you cant even spell the word "disgust" right, what a dumb little bastard you are.

DJ4397d ago

If they were playing games like Madden 06, Perfect Dark, Gun, or Tony Hawk that would done it on a standard res TV. Gamespot's PS2/360 game comparisons were pretty funny, so this almost seems supplementary to that article.

TheXgamerLive4397d ago

Sony has so far to climb if they even wish to break even in future sales. Re: the will there be a ps4 article, Maybe?? That's so true, sony doesn't have a say in that, it will be the consumers to say if or when. sony has and is continuing to fall so far every week it seems and that's just during the launch period, what's going to happen next year? We "all" already know of it's handicapped GPU and cell combo. A great CPU, great for a PC to do applications for business etc.. but not gaming and then the inferior GPu isn't going to go the distance at all. In fact, we've already seen sony's best w/R-FOM, this was a game w/over 2 to 2 1/2 years of development time put in it and this is the best sony can do? While the Xbox 360 has fenominal games out and aren't constantly delaying games every week like sony and Xbox 360 and MS have sooooo many great titles AAA titles coming out soon.

The proof is in the cards and sony isn't dealing w/a full deck.

sony's success will rely almost exclusivly on ported over Xbox 360 or Wii games and even them it must play them w/o all the bottlenecking and down graded res. it's now doing.

No, if you wish to talk comparisons to a console, make a ps2 to ps3 comparison or even better a ps3 to sony's failure's comparison, b/c the ps3 will soon be added to that list.
Less than 300,000 units shipped to this date today, that's just sad and the games bought, what is it? I know it's less thatn 1 per console and that includes all periphreals. Just sad.

FadeToBlack4397d ago

Perfect Dark Zero looked pretty damn good especially for a launch title. That was not one of its weak points. The AI and crappy story and dialog kept the game from greatness.

dantesparda4395d ago

Its "phenomenal" you dumb bastard, XGamer, "phenomenal" not "fenominal ". Learn how to spell. God you fanboys types are a dumb bunch

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