Introducing Full Weapon Customisation for Online FPS Gaming

Gameplayer has gone hands-on with new FPS They, detailing thier thoughts in this extensive article. It includes a list of some of the unique features the game will have, including the ability to customise the skins of your weapons for online play.

"IMC actually hopes to see some Forza 2-style designs being born from this aspect of customisation, with clans developing their own gun type and also special weapon skins being awarded to online tournament winners. There's still a long way to go, though, and while customisation is clearly They's USP (unique selling point), it is the story and tension of its single-player experience that will ultimately make or break its chances."

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Skerj3785d ago

This game is under so many radars right now, but that'll change soon. My hope for multiplayer is that you can take other people's weapons like trophies when defeating them, that would be so awesome.

SlappingOysters3785d ago

Love that idea!!

Didn't they have something similar in another game, was it Shadowrun, where you got to keep something from your victories...

Maybe it was Juiced, and you got to keep the pink slip