DC Universe Online has a “possibility” of coming to Xbox

GCO: "DC Universe Online creative director Jens Andersen took to Twitter to question fans about bringing the popular massively multiplayer online role-playing game to Xbox."

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Barnaby-Jones1413d ago

Wow, this is pretty awesome! Always good to hear about more games being available.

GCO Gamer1413d ago

Indeed, I really how they indeed bring it over to Xbox.

Mega241413d ago

It's a fun MMO, the different playstyles make it a bit fresh from the typical WoW copies.

TekKing1413d ago

Not sure why they're asking fans when they should be asking Microsoft. Microsoft hates MMOs on their console for the most part (especially when it comes to cross-platform play).

darthv721413d ago

where do you make that correlation? Isnt crackdown a sort of MMO or shadowrun?

gangsta_red1413d ago

MS hates MMO's? Do you have a link where MS stated this?

And from the recent announcements it seems MS is going to fully embrace cross platform play in a lot of their upcoming titles.

This all comes from their new direction of a unified eco-system of the Xbox brand.

True_Samurai1413d ago (Edited 1413d ago )

You do know that an MMO called Smite is coming to Xbox One right? Plus at their Windows 10 conference they show their interest for cross play between PC and X1

NiteX1412d ago

Smite is a MOBA not an MMO.

OpieWinston1413d ago

Considering last year Microsoft had a panel with Riot Games about the importance of Multiplayer games... That statement couldn't be further from the truth.

And Xbox already did Cross plat but they noticed a massive gap between players on console & PC back in 2007. Shadowrun/Unreal Tournament proved it for shooters and being a PC MMO player I can tell you it'd be no different.

My Razer Naga with keybindings vs your controller... You're pretty much playing handicapped if we go 1v1 PvP.

Why do you people keep making it sound like MS isn't RIGHT when they say certain genres shouldn't do Cross play with PC.

OldDude1412d ago

Final Fantasy 11 says hello.

MasterCornholio1412d ago

Its not that Microsoft hates MMOs is that some MMOs demand things that go against Microsoft's Xbox Live policies. For example, with FF14 the creator wanted full cross platform play across all systems. Due to the current state of Microsofts policies they can't achieve that with Xbox which is why it's only available on PC, PS4 and PS3. Once Microsoft's gets rid of that or makes an exception for FF14 the game will come to Microsoft's platform.

Also some FTP games are not coming to the XB1 because the creators want their games to be 100% FTP. Something that isn't possible on Xbox because all online multiplayer requires a subscription to Xbox Live Gold.

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gangsta_red1413d ago

Played DCOU on the PC...didn't like the paywall they had set up. If they change that maybe I'll give it another whirl for the Xbox One.

ltachiUchiha1413d ago

Its F2P now. I say for those looking for a good super hero mmo, dc universe online is the best mmo out there.

to the comment underneath, alot of ppl still play dc universe online.

UltraAtomic1413d ago

Yep like what itachi said. It is the by far the best mmo out there!! and its f2p is actually better than most F2P mmos. try it out!!

Dlacy13g1413d ago

I know nothing is confirmed but his responses on Twitter more or less make it sound like its already a done deal.

lemoncake1413d ago

I think we can be quite certain that it will be coming to xbox at some point, the new owners will want to make maximum profit so makes no sense anymore to leave any of their IPs as a console exclusive. Microsoft have probably already opened up a dialog with them by now.

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