PS4 Exclusive Bloodborne's First 19 Minutes Analysis: Menus, Attributes, Weapons, Mechanics and More

Many mechanics of Bloodborne have been a mystery until now, but the lid is beginning to open thanks to the first nineteen minutes of the upcoming PS4 exclusive, published by IGN. Here's a detailed analysis of what the video revealed.

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DarkOcelet1414d ago

I am pretty sure the doll will transfer us to a secret location or something. Nothing is just 'there' in a game like this.

FullmetalRoyale1414d ago

As long as you ignore all of the things that are just there.


pedrof931414d ago

It's nice to see a Nexus like area in this game.

GMR_PR1414d ago

Poor textures, lighting and anti aliasing. This has to be an early build of the game, it look much better on the trailers.

callahan091414d ago

It looks so much like a Souls game it's crazy! Except to me this game seems much more difficult. I played the Alpha and had a very rough time with it. I'm just not good at this style of character in the Souls games. I turtled my way through all 3 Souls games... Shield up with a spear, sniping with my bow, etc. Slow and defensive. In the alpha, that was impossible. There wasn't even a shield at all! If there really aren't shields in this game and your defense essentially comes down to a more forgiving version of the parry move from the Souls games (that's what using the firearm defensively reminded me of, just with a bigger window of opportunity), then I may not even be able to beat this game :( I'm just not good at that style of play. I wish they would give us the ability to play it like you could a Souls game, but whatever. Did I misunderstand, or did it also show that you only get your currency back if you KILL the enemy that killed you? I may have misunderstood that part, but if that's the case, this game will bey way more challenging for me. It still looks sooooo freeeaking GOOOOD though! I'm just worried I'll get frustrated, it looks so hard for my play style.

smoothop1414d ago

Damn this game looks amazing, haven't got a PS4, but I hope you all have fun with this.

Letthewookiewin1414d ago

Someone doesn't like your positive statement.

MajorLazer1414d ago

Make the jump! I finally bought a PS4 two weeks ago and I love it. I am so excited for Bloodbourne and MGS V

smoothop1414d ago

I've been thinking about getting one to be honest, more about having the spare cash at the moment, so I'll probably have to wait a month or two and I'll be good to go. Got myself some Astro A50s not to long ago, don't think the missus would be to happy if I grabbed something else gaming related just yet lol.

Tex1171414d ago

Refuse to watch this. The best part of FromSoftware's games are just to let them happen to you without any clue of what is going on.

From has given me no reason to doubt them. They have my Day 1 purchase.

pedrof931414d ago

You won't miss much, there is in fact a small cutscene in the beginning but it's nothing that wasn't already mention by the producers.

Most of the level was already seen in previous videos.

Maxor1414d ago

So if Darksoul is too frustrating for me...I guess I'll be skipping out on this game :( A shame since it looks awesome.

Fro_xoxo1414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )

What exactly do you find frustrating? It looks like another souls game to me, the same formula.

Just wondering how you might find something like this difficult to play.

igorgum1414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )

I think you should try to at least to rent this game.

Souls games aren't IMPOSSIBLE, theyre just difficulty.
And the whole game isn't THAT difficult, only it's bosses are, most of times.
We like the difficulty of bosses, not to a point of getting stucked, but to the point that when you beat it after 2 or 3 tries, you feel something i guarantee you that nowadays you almost never feel: accomplishment.

But really, give it a try, maybe at a friend's house or renting, but give it a chance

Summons751414d ago

Ugh, shouldn't watch but must...

The screens look good. Looks so much like Demon's Souls, can't wait!

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