20 Best Video Game Moments Of The Decade (So Far)

20 best video game moments of the decade

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breakpad1292d ago

..while they re missing a lot of moments .. MGS4 Snake 's return to Shadow Moses should be among the top 3

FallenRain1292d ago (Edited 1292d ago )

Actually surprised nothing from MGS4 made the list.

Snake's return to Shadow Moses, Raiden's first fighting scene, Snake vs Liquid Ocelot, and who could ever forget that ending. Wow, now that I think about it, MGS4 had a lot of great moments.

sevilha821291d ago

people ,mgs 4 came out in 2008,the decade so far ....started in 2010.that´s why it´s not in the list,duh.

joab7771291d ago

Oh. Cuz last gen for me would definitely include leaving the vault in Fallout 3, and many moments in Bioshock...entering Rapture. The first Big Daddie, or Little Sister. The golf club.

Maybe just the entire Bioshock game. Funny thing sat on my shelf for y months while I played Fallout, Dead Space I believe and a few others. Then of, if not my favorite gaming experience ever.

Tiqila1291d ago

a decade is just a timespan of ten years. That list should include games from 2005 up until now.

FarEastOrient1291d ago


Be gentle, that's too much math.

higgins781291d ago

Not 1 Nintendo game made the list here of 20...not 1. Talk about ignorance. It makes you wonder, it really does. In a decade, not 1 Nintendo game featured 1 stand out moment fitting for such a that a (bad) joke? Makes you seriously question the state of the industry.