Evolve Has a Single Player Mode, But Bad Bots Could Screw It Up

James of Twinfinite writes "Oh look, another big multiplayer game is coming out. Oh look, it has more DLC than a year’s worth of EA games. Oh look, it focuses upon a team of four players battling against one. Cue hours of rage-fueled crying into pillows because the Support on your team was about as much use as a potted plant. Skies shall ring with cries of “WTF Assault, why didn’t you rez me?!” One day your internet will be down and Evolve’s just sat in your disk drive, burning a hole through the casing like Xenomorph blood through a floor. If only Evolve had a single player mode.

It does? Well in that case, sign us up."

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EvilWay1411d ago

I heard the AI is great so....... Heard it can even be a challenge

souldestroyer141410d ago

I believe it is going to be like l4d. Pretty fun solo but so much better with friends