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PSLS writes: We took Project Cars for a spin around Laguna Seca. Does Gran Turismo have some real competition?

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RaidensRising1407d ago

Thanks for posting this. Project Cars looks fantastic.

TheCommentator1407d ago

Gran Turismo always had competition in Forza. To me, Forza actually feels like real driving on roads while GT feels like skating on ice. I'll take quality over quantity any day, and it's nice to see Project Cars do what Forza always has: physics at 360 fps.

More to the point, it bodes well for Project Cars to be put in league with either franchise. If they can put back in the damage, DNF, and AI they promised us it could be better than both.

reallyNow1407d ago

"To me, Forza actually feels like real driving on roads while GT feels like skating on ice. "
i have to ask, have you actually driven a car? because it feels nothing like forza. forza is entirely too easy to control a 2,000-4,000lb machine. drifting a car is NOT easy. managing maximum traction with no aids is NOT easy. forza makes everything too easy and waaaaaaaaaay on the arcade side of things.(even when all of the aids are turned off) forza is a very fun video game, but to suggest is in anyway close to gran turismo in terms of realism is just a poor understanding of realism. i love them both but they occupy different segments.

most people come up with that poor argument that GT handles poorly from being used to hitting corners at unrealistic speeds with budget tires as depicted in arcade racers like forza and need for speed. its great in GT6 how the cars understeer and oversteer appropriately for the given model, an experience that doesnt really exist in forza to a realistic degree. turn 10 have lied to you.

TheCommentator1407d ago

Not really. While neither game will ever be real, feathering the gas in low speed corners in GT doesn't illicit proper weight tranfser which in turn has no real effect on oversteer or understeer. My Neon goes around tight corners faster in real life than a GTR in Gran Turismo.

Forza is the real sim on consoles, you just got used to playing second best. Have fun driving your zamboni...

Dasteru1407d ago (Edited 1407d ago )


I have not played GT6 or Forza 5 yet so i cannot compare them, but i own all the past GT and Forza games and Forza has always been the "on ice" racer. There has never been any feeling of weight to cars in Forza, it is like driving a hovercraft. The reason your neon takes corners faster is probably due to the fact it is shorter in length and weighs less than half as much. Good suspension only takes you so far before physics fight back. Also what tires do you use on the GTR in GT? You should almost always be using sport hard-medium tires. Racing tires, especially soft ones, are too grippy. They are designed for things like Indy and Daytona, not circuits. You should also rarely be using the chassis rigidity upgrade on high end sport cars or exotics, it completely destroys their handling characteristics.

reallyNow1407d ago

agree to disagree i guess. lol. I can probably take the classic vw around a corner in GT faster than you in your neon in real life. no offense to the neon, its a great little car. :-D

What makes GT hard for most people, is that the realism isnt transferred through some sort of gravity machine so you cant tell how hard you're actually hitting a corner. that, and the cameras are very "stiff" so you cant really see the body roll as well as you can in a game like forza where the camera is more loose. it makes forza have a greater sense of speed(that and the false scale used in forza) which in turn makes it more fun to pick up. if you actually pay attention to your displayed speed in GT or play in bumper cam with a force feedback steering wheel you can better understand the realism applied to the sim in GT vs. the pick up and go feeling of forza. 20mph in forza basically feels like 40mph in GT, and that really makes things crazy when you hit a turn thinking you're going much slower than you really are.

I will end with this:
Forza is much "better" at creating a sense of speed for all of the cars in the game, not just the fast ones. This makes the game more exciting for the average player. Forza has a looser camera adding to the feeling of the experience, to make the game feel more "alive". Forza also boasts crazy amplified engine sounds that sound really fun adding to the experience. Forza is a ton of fun.

GT is better at being a driving game for car nerds. The minute detail in differences between cars, their weights, their powerbands, engine locations, etc. all matters. The game is slower. It doesnt try to make things exciting. it strives to make them 1:1 with the real world in terms of driving dynamics and simulation. The tracks are scaled 1:1 with the cars and there are no missing sections to make the times even with real life. Does this make GT a "better" GAME? absolutely not. Even though im a huge fan of the series, i think the fun of racing has slowly been exiting GT since it peaked at GT3. However, GT is definitely the go-to if you want to geek out on car history and life-like driving with a nice wheel set up and lots of patience and love for cars.

hay1407d ago

@Dasteru: Get GT6. There's simply no comparison to GT5 when it comes to physics. Looks pretty much the same as GT5, but holy hell how differently it plays is an adventure itself. Three words: NEXT. GEN. PHYSICS. On a PS3. Which, for a folk who programs those things, is a glorious sight to see, an epic fist-pump towards Plyphony Digital. Track map is brilliant, Green Hell is almost as dreadful as in real life(except the obvious injuries, unless you want to headbutt your driving wheel with each collision for teh extra oomph).

Can't wait for the retail Project CARS as it's demo-ish currently so hard to tell of final quality. So far it's been really cute. Driving model is so off I'm wondering why I need a driving wheel for it. Momentum is non-exsisting, drifting is from an arcade game(turn and brake, not actually controlably lose some of the traction), and car control slightly differs in drivetrain and speed department, but it won't force you to change strategies though, which makes it go old real fast. Track surface map is so off you're not going to recognize some iconic places.

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ftwrthtx1407d ago

Forza is exclusive to Xbox while GT is exclusive to PlayStation. Not really in competition with each other.

Muzikguy1407d ago

That's as crazy as saying PS4 is made by Sony XB1 is made by MS so they're not in competition with one another. :) The 2 games are "competing" because the media makes it that way, and so do the companies themselves

USMC_POLICE1407d ago

As an avid fan of both I have to say granturismo is way more realistic.

knifefight1407d ago

As an avid fan of both, I have to say I'm an avid fan of both. ^_^

level 3601407d ago

Have high hopes Project Cars will deliver a very good sim-game play experience.

In both vehicle physics and dynamic audio realism.