Grim Fandango Remastered Review - Pixel Related

Patrick Cassin writes: "For years the game sat at the back of my mind, like a memory of a girl I wish I had asked out but just never worked up the nerve before the summer suddenly appeared. And I honestly thought Grim Fandango would be one of the ones that got away, up until the Remastered version was announced. Then of course trepidation sets in — was the humor really good as I remember? Or was it all just romanticized? More than overcoming nostalgia, for a lot of people Grim Fandango Remastered has to overcome what it was we imagined the game could be. Thankfully, after finally having the opportunity 17 years after its initial release, I can say with certainty that it wasn’t all just a dream. Grim Fandango and I really could have had something way back when. And now, despite the fact that we are both beginning to show our age, we’re reunited (and it feels so good, hey hey)."

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