Dying Light: The Great European Rip Off Edition

Pixel Gate UK puts the delay into perspective, as well as highlighting the poor nature of the only EU available offering:

''Dying Light’s bizarre retail delay in everywhere, bar America, has left a bit of a bitter taste in my mouth. While someone may label this as a misplaced sense of ‘entitlement’, I’d argue it’s yet another case of a publisher trying to get a cheap extra pound. Dying Light has officially been released, at least in a some ways it’s been released. While the game is available in the US in both physical and digital forms, it’s retail version in other territories has been delayed by a full month.''

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Bathyj1407d ago

So you really think this is a ploy to make more money?

Are you kidding? Since when does negative press drive sales?

You said it yourself. Anyone who was going to get a retail release is going wait, or more likely, skip it all together.

I'm in the exact same boat as you. I was really looking forward to this. Now I'm probably not going to get it for months when it's cheaper. Not because I'm hurt. Not because I want to punish the publisher. But just because the schedule is too crowded now and I have other games I want to play instead.

This is not going to drive digital sales. In all likelihood anyone who was going to go digital still has, with maybe a few not getting it at all because the whole thing had left them feeling cautious. I really doubt people who wanted retail are turning to digital in droves because of a months delay. Not for this game.

The delay is unfortunate. It's a bad mistake but it's going to cost Techland and Warners bigtime, not reward them. No I think you were right the first time with that self entitlement thing.

Bennibop1407d ago

They must have printed the disks as the delay was so close to release so you have to suspect that their was a problem at manufacture which will ultimately cost them money.

starrman19851407d ago

@Bathyj - That exactly, I am fairly sure this was either a distribution blunder or a production blunder. Either way it certainly wasn't a ploy to make us buy digital.

It's unfortunate, I actually bought it digital but I know a bunch of friends who didn't want to (as they work in game retail stores) and now will also probably skip it because it falls at a much busier time. What I would have loved to see was a slightly cheaper digital price, to tempt retail buyers but I can understand they were already going to lose money so that might have been too risky a shout for them!

Pintheshadows1407d ago (Edited 1407d ago )

I was wondering what the hell was going on. No way I am paying £55 for it. If you think I am maybe being cheap, that is over $80. I will just wait for a while and get it in a sale.

What an odd thing to do.

dreamed1407d ago (Edited 1407d ago )

all games if purchased through the US store with (not xbl $60 top up card,will cost you £35 for every digital fluction in price just $60 every time.

Also buying fifa points are alot cheaper to,if you dont wanna buy gold. Its a good loop hole for us brits now theres no region lock.

mogwaii1407d ago

Yep this game is sale bait, the order will get my attention and money first here in aus.

XSpike1407d ago

even with the physical copy it'll eat up the same amount of hard drive space, Xb1, PS4 & PC all use HDD to play their games now. The blu-ray drive is only for installing game data & the odd blu-ray movie or something.

Game is awesome in worth picking up, even better if you have friends to co-op with! & even better again if you game-share :)

snookiegamer1407d ago

It's a good FPS/RPG-lite Zombie Game ...but it's disgusting that digital costs £54.99 GBP = $79.99 USD ...and they're still charging an additional £7.99 for 'Be The Zombie' Add-on??

Techland set the PS Store price of the game, and I'll bet that add on comes free on Disc.

Great Greedy Guts! ;/

Tempest3171407d ago

Techland didnt set the price, publishers set prices not devs

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