20° Interview: EA Sports Unveils Largest Soundtrack Ever for Madden NFL 09 writes: "EA Sports gives us the first word on their huge new soundtrack for Madden '09. We chat with Steve Schnur about the impact of Madden on the music industry.

For the 20th Anniversary of the football franchise that has sold over 70 million units worldwide, EA Sports is offering gamers more songs and more original artists than ever before. Madden NFL 09, which ships August 12, will feature 26 songs from some of the biggest bands in music, as well as some of the hottest bands of tomorrow.

"I love that the annual announcement of the artists featured on the game's new soundtrack has become as much of an event as the unveiling of the game software itself," said Steve Schnur, worldwide executive of music and marketing, Electronic Arts. 'We probably considered 4000+ songs before deciding on the final 26 tracks. It was certainly the largest batch of candidates we've ever taken on. But for the 20th Anniversary, we wanted to create a definitive soundtrack that would be a combination of returning classic Madden acts, ass-kicking new bands and some very cool surprises from hip-hop to hardcore and beyond.'"

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kg73103665d ago

loved to see from first to last, underoath, senses fail, gym class heroes, and the all american rejects there, BUT i dont care now since u can play any music u want with FW 2.40 (H) thats if u have a ps3

Sk8boyP3665d ago

Just don't screw up the game like last year.

outlawlife3665d ago

i know i'm not the only one that shuts off 90% of maddens soundtrack anyway

never really dug the whole "EA trax" thing they do, the music chosen never fits the games or the moments at which it is played and is nothing more than a marketing tool for the flavor of the week bands they choose